Why You Need Garage Door Anti Vibration Pads

If you have been using your garage door for years, you might hear an unpleasant noise during operation, especially with minimal maintenance.

Most of the time, common friction points and worn-out components may cause a strange noise during operation.

But in some cases, the sound may be due to excessive vibration during movement because your garage door doesn’t have dampening pads, also known as anti-vibration pads.

Neglecting the importance of rubber pads and using your garage door without dampening may lead to severe and expensive accidents.

It might cause your entire garage door system to break down from the foundations, as the screws attached to the ceiling or concrete walls may loosen due to the vibration.

While you can go your own way and explore DIY options with simple tools, a comprehensive anti-vibration pads installation may require professional skill and expertise.

As a garage door owner in Pittsburgh, you always want your garage door to be in great shape.

That’s why we’ll cover some points as to why your garage door needs anti-vibration pads.

Quieting a Noisy Garage Door

Whether you installed your garage door into concrete or wooden walls, the sound produced during movement and operation can vibrate across your garage.

Aside from that, the expansion bolts and screws’ vibrating movement may damage your walls and potentially compromise your garage door’s structural integrity.

There are also different ways to effectively quiet a noisy garage door, such as tightening loose nuts and lubricating all moving parts.

However, these methods don’t address the problem at its very root.

That’s where anti-vibration pads come in handy.

Installing Anti-Vibration Pads

You can install a set of anti-vibration pads between your garage door’s steel bracket and the ceiling or wall.

By doing so, you’re adding a dampening layer which isolates the vibration from the opener system and garage railing or rafters.

When installed properly, the anti-vibration pads will absorb most of the vibrations during operation, minimizing the annoying noise and rattling movement in your garage.

Choosing The Right Anti-Vibration Pads

Every garage door brand, model, and type has a distinct design and specifications.

That means there are no one-size-fits-all pads that you can use.

Instead, check your manufacturer to know about the right anti-vibration pad size and thickness.

Using a pad that’s too thin may end up useless, and using very thick ones may weaken your bracket installation as the screws won’t fit tightly.

But if you don’t want the hassle of going out to look for the right pad to use, you can call Garage Door Pitt to do the job for you.

Our team has a broad knowledge of all garage door types and will be glad to install the perfect anti-vibration pads for your garage.

When To Call Garage Door Repair Professionals?

Subtle noises and vibrations may be normal, especially if you still have a new garage door.

But if the strange sounds and shaking consistently occur, you’ll need hands-on garage door repair from professionals.

Neglecting them or trying to fix complex problems on your own may expose you to severe hazards and injuries.

Moreover, keep in mind that some garage door components, such as springs and rail guards, are under high tension and load.

So if you accidentally loosen a broken spring or unscrew a rail guard under heavy load, you can end up hurting yourself and your family members.

Safety should be of utmost importance, especially when installing garage door anti-vibration pads.

For that, trust only the professionals at Garage Door Pitt.


As soon as you notice excessive noise and vibration on your garage door, don’t hesitate to call the professionals and have them install dampening pads to prevent further damage.

We also recommend getting to the root of the noise and shaking to find out if you can fix it yourself.

If the problem is too complex and risky to perform, Garage Door Pitt has the tools and expertise to install anti-vibration pads for all garage door brands and models.

Our team at Garage Door Pitt will gladly dedicate our help to garage door installation and repair jobs in Pittsburgh.

We have reliable and trusted experts to solve garage vibration issues as well as other garage door concerns.

Feel free to call our local staff for 24/7 garage door service!

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Michael Williams

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