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    Annual Garage Door Maintenance

    Annual Garage Door Maintenance – After a busy year, surely you need to check your house for some quick renovations.

    Whether it is the kitchen, the living room or even the garage door.

    Checking your garage door and doing maintenance is part of the house renovations as a general rule of thumb.

    So how to do your annual garage door maintenance?

    Here are some quick repairs before calling us for your garage door renovations.

    Listen and Watching the Garage Door

    The first thing you can do is simply check your garage door.

    Notice for any unusual sounds, such as scraping and loud crash that resembles a firecracker.

    See if the garage door jerks or does not behave normally when opening and closing the garage door.

    Check if the rubber seal at the bottom is still on one piece.

    A good garage door is quiet and moves clean when opening and closing.

    Check for any unusual changes to the cables and springs. They should be asymmetrical in shape.

    When dealing with broken garage door springs, call a professional within the area for additional help.

    Opening the Garage Door Manually

    Opening your garage door manually can provide assistance when assessing the condition of your garage door.

    If you can manually open your garage door without hassle, there should be no problems.

    You can do this by pulling the emergency cord which is usually red in color, while the garage door is closed.

    Clearing the Tracks

    Check the garage door tracks located at both sides of the door to ensure no obstacles are inside the tracks.

    Any obstacles may affect the rollers, derailing the garage door from its normal position.

    You can do simple maintenance by repositioning the tracks to its normal vertical sections and cleaning the tracks.

    However, large track adjustments should be done by a professional.

    Testing the Balance of The Garage Door

    Having an imbalanced garage door will degrade the garage door opener quickly as expected, and would not last long.

    A garage door should be balanced so that the garage door openers only need to withstand little force to lift the doors.

    You can test the balance of your garage doors by manually lifting the door halfway.

    If the door does not remain in its place after opening it, the door is imbalanced, or the springs are near its life expectancy.

    Repairing worn garage door springs is dangerous and poses a hazard, contact your nearest garage door repair company for fast maintenance, or us if you are within the Pittsburgh area.

    Lubricating The Garage Door

    Making the moving parts of the garage door, especially the rollers and springs will reduce stress on both the rollers and garage door openers, extending their lifespans.

    It is advisable to apply a spray lubricant, one intended for garage doors, on the garage door rollers, openers, hinges, and springs annually or twice a year for better preservation of your garage door.

    Also apply lubricant on the pulleys and bearings when there is an extra lubricant left, and on every metal part connected to the garage door joints.

    Painting and Cleaning the Garage Door

    After the essential parts, cleaning your garage door not just making it look new, but preserving its lifespan by removing any particles that may contribute to its degradation.

    For steel doors, remove any spots of rust by using sandpaper, then primed and paint the spots.

    Fiberglass doors are much easier to clean, using only an all-purpose cleaner to wash it.

    Wood doors are much more susceptible to natural damages, particularly water damage and warping.

    Applying a weatherstrip at the bottom and making sure the edge is painted and well-sealed.

    Garage Door Repair

    Maintaining a good garage door seems easy but taxing when it comes to repairs.

    Constantly checking for any error at least every 4 months while tending to the delicate parts prolongs your garage door before the inevitable call to the garage door company, but that time will still come.

    Having a good garage door repair company to fix your garage does not only repair your door, but prolongs the condition of your garage door before your next maintenance.

    If you’re looking for a garage door repair in Pittsburgh, a good call to us will end your struggles doing maintenance to your garage door.

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