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    Basic DIY Garage Door Repairs

    When you know your garage door is having problems and can not afford to call the garage door repair company for several reasons, a repair can be a pain in the back.

    Worry not, here are some simple garage door repairs that you can when your handy repairman is out of town.

    Remember, these are just for simple repairs, and professionals should only do significant breakage.

    If you have any garage door repairs to be done in Pittsburgh, contact us to solve your renovations.

    The Garage Door Does Not Close Fully

    You tried to close your garage doors but won’t close completely; there might be a few choices on why.

    The common reason is there might be an issue on the photo-eye.

    A photo-eye is either infrared or a laser positioned near the base at the garage door’s sides, serving as a sensor to prevent the garage doors from closing on an object, an animal, or a person.

    If the garage doors try to close but stop before closing completely, the photo-eye might be blocked or misaligned.

    The best way to fix this is to check first whether both photo-eyes are parallel to each other.

    Next is to make sure no object is blocking the sensor. Lastly, clean any particle such as dirt, dust, and webs that may affect the sensors.

    Garage Door Making More Noise Than Usual

    The noise made by the garage door can be caused by loose parts and any parts that need lubrication.

    The easiest and most straightforward way to solve this is to spray the metal parts, especially the roller bearings, the garage door springs, hinges, and cables, with a garage door lubricant once every two to three months, depending on whether the noise has disappeared or not.

    Next is to tighten any loose nuts, bolts, and screws on the garage door.

    Lastly, check the hinges and rollers for any signs of wearing out. If there’s one, replace the part immediately.

    If the noise persists, there might be an emergency on your garage door, and need professional help as our garage door company offers.

    Cleaning the Garage Door

    Cleaning technically counts as a repair since cleaning removes any stuff that may cause the door to rot and break down, mostly if the door is made of wood.

    Use only mild soap and a wet cloth to clean the door, and rinse it thoroughly with water.

    Also, apply car wax to a steel door to avoid corrosion and rust.

    Remove any debris and dirt stuck on the garage door, and while you’re at it, lubricate the metal parts.

    Broken Garage Door Springs

    This issue is the most common repairs done on garage doors, but it should not be done alone, and only a professional will handle this repair.

    The noticeable clue that your garage door has a broken spring is a loud noise when opening the garage door.

    Looking closely, a broken garage door torsion spring has a coil that’s been separated into two pieces, having a good few inches as a gap between the two coils.

    The garage door springs are in such high tension that they may cause injury and property damage when dealt poorly.

    The moment springs break, it creates a loud sound due to the springs unwinding and the coils spinning on the shaft.

    Other Signs of A Broken Garage Door Spring

    The loud noise may be the last sign to be noticed when dealing with a broken garage door spring, but there are a few ones that you can spot.

    First is that the garage door will open only a few inches but will not go any further.

    Another is that even using the emergency release, the garage door would still not open.

    Or that the top section of the garage door is bent.

    As stated earlier, while being the main reason for garage door repairs is a broken door spring, it is dangerous enough for you to call a garage door repair company an emergency.

    So when it comes to repairs on your garage doors, especially when it comes to dangerous parts like a broken garage door spring, a quick call from us can save your day from a hassle and a possible injury.

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