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    Broken Cables Keep Your Garage Door From Opening

    The garage door cables have different features and can wear and tear which can cause loosening of tension, snap or fray.

    It is very important to know the different types and features of garage doors and what types of springs and the purposes or uses they have.

    A broken cable can lead to injury and damage to the property.

    By understanding the types and uses of the garage door cables are very important especially if you are a homeowner of a garage door.

    Garage doors have a cable such as torsion spring cables, extension spring cables and safety cables in order to lower and lift the door.

    These 3 types of garage door cables can help to reduce the stress on springs. Also it helps to have a last longer for the entire mechanism of the garage door and to move the door smoothly.

    If the garage door cables have defects it is very important to perform the garage door repair and request with help to the garage door repair company for the replacement or fixing the garage door cables.

    Wire Tension

    If the tension wires are not tight the garage door opener will not properly function because if the tension are too loose the door will create an unpleasant noise or sounds.

    If it is the tension wires are too tight the door will not fully close all the way.

    A garage door cable needs replacement if the covering becomes shabby because of the under tension of the springs.

    The most garage door issues occur due to malfunctioning of cables and it causes noticeable signs like when a garage door closes not complete then has an opposite direction and also when the garage door becomes stuck and rugged operation.

    A garage door repairman can help us to fix our garage door to make it aligned again and to prevent any friction when opening and closing the garage door.

    When the garage cables malfunction it affects the operation and the movement of the garage door too which creates unpleasant sounds or noise and it is very hard to operate the cycle of the garage door.

    If our garage door has a difficulty to operate like opening and closing purposes the garage cables are the main reason for malfunctioning of the garage door.

    To have a smooth operation of the garage door with the help of combining the garage door cables and garage door springs with the sufficient amount of motion and balance it makes the garage door to properly function.

    By choosing the right garage door cables including the quality could save our money and time.

    Also with the help of professionals can help us to make the right decision and to inform us of the warranty.

    Below are the lists of causes of malfunctioning our garage door.

    Corrosion of Springs and Improper Tension

    Springs are prone to an excessive amount of tension and the cables are affected too.

    Broken cables can cause the stucking of the garage door and the garage door springs won’t provide any lifting force.

    The losing cables of overhead doors might be affected too.

    The garage door repair technicians and the homeowners of the garage door can fix or replace the cables.

    But to make it sure to properly function the garage door try to contact a technician for sure.

    Cable Pulley Failures

    One of the malfunctioning of the garage door is the cable pulleys failures.

    The pulley is the counterbalance of the garage door system to stretch out the spring door.

    To ensure the garage door operation creates smoothly and quietly when opening and closing the garage door.

    A garage door repair and regular inspection of the garage door provides a major check up with the operation of our door and to operate smoothly.

    Frayed Cables

    A fraying cable has not been able to run smoothly through the garage door because of the rough grooves in the drum or the edge of the pulley.

    When a cable breaks the garage door becomes crooked.

    Having rusty and frayed cables are the main cause of the malfunctioning of the garage door.

    Our cables on a garage door should be strong and flexible in order to carry the heavy weight of the garage door.

    A garage door repair can maintain the system of the springs and cables.

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