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    Garage Door Tune-up

    Are you worried that one day, your garage door will suddenly collapse? Are you concerned that you will have to call a garage door repair company to fix it if ever your overhead door got broken?

    Well, everyone sure is.

    No one would want their entry to cause an accident and impose hazard amongst everyone coming to their garage.

    Neither would anyone want to call an overhead door repair for acquiring their service costs a lot.

    So if you want to prevent causing accidents in your garage, which would cause you to have many expenses, then do not worry;

    all you have to do is annually tune-up your garage door.

    If you do not know how to do it, lucky you, listed below are the tune-up activities that could help you avoid unnecessary incidents in your garage.

    Before you start working on tuning-up your garage, make sure to follow these precautions to ensure your safety:

    1. If your garage door is automatic, unplug first the system; it will not activate while you are working.

    2. If you are working with your garage door open, lock the rollers by clamping it with the track or below it, so it will not close, fall, or drop suddenly.

    And if you are now ready, then here is the list of tune-up activities to help you maintain the quality of your garage:

    Inspect the Hardware

    Always inspect every piece of the garage door that might loosen like screws, bolts, and nuts.

    If you are thinking that there is no way that those would be loosening, well, there is actually.

    Since the door is always being opened and closed, then it means that it is often moving, causing the hardware to lose.

    Now, once you found that some of those are loosened, then grab your tools and make sure to tighten them up.

    However, inspecting your hardware does not stop in screws and such as you should include the rollers and tracks, for they are also part of the mechanism that helps your door operate.

    Rollers have two kinds: nylon roller and steel roller. Either way, it’s easy to identify if the rollers have become defective.

    For nylon rollers, if cracks are present, then that is an indication that you need to buy new ones.

    For steel rollers, if rust is present, then it is a sign that it is starting to get worn out and that you need to but replacement.

    Cleaning the tracks is also essential in keeping your garage.

    Wipe it with clothing to remove debris and insects that may block its way.

    Lubricate the Cable and the Springs

    The cable and the springs are the ones that often undergo massive friction and weight, which means they are the parts that most likely, would wear out pretty quickly.

    That is why lubricating those components will help sustain your garage door’s quality, as it prevents the springs and cables from rusting.

    Also, it makes them slippery, reducing the friction they create while scratching with other parts of being compressed.

    Furthermore, add the chain in the list of the parts that you would lubricate as it is also one of the components that help in operating your garage door, which means it can wear out that fast.

    You could also lubricate the screws to prevent corrosion.

    However, if you noticed that the springs, the cable, and the chain of your garage doors are broken or somewhat faulty, make sure to call garage door emergency service to help you replace those parts.

    Those are the tuning-up activities that you could do to ensure the safety of the people that would enter your garage and lessen the risk of the occurrence of accidents.

    However, one more tip that professionals often told people to avoid unnecessary incidents is adding a door handle.

    Most overhead doors do not have handles in them, which means you need to close it with your hand’s risk getting stuck below, so adding a handle would be a great help.

    Again, if some of the parts are or became broken, replace those immediately, or if you think that you cannot do it by yourself, call a garage door service in your area to help you with your problem.

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