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    Jammed Garage Door

    Every garage door has sensors and electricity to run the functions of these automated doors.

    Our garage doors are prone from the dust, dirt, rust, cold and frozen weather which can affect the functions of our garage door.

    Our garage door is the outline of magnificence with high end installations.

    Many sets of reasons can make the garage door malfunctions like jamming out of the garage door which is one the common problem that we have encountered.

    The good thing is that there are many solutions to fix the garage door jam and with the helping hand of the repair contractors especially when we are located in Pittsburgh.

    They provide assistance to the customers like the jammed garage door repair.

    For the Pittsburgh Area kindly contact with this number (412) 339-2513 for any garage door issues.

    Jammed garage doors should need to be repaired to maintain the functionality of the garage door.

    To be honest it is not so easy to do it by ourselves so we need to contact the garage door repair personnel.

    The garage door repair in Pittsburgh can contact anytime for the emergency repairs and for any garage door issues just like the jammed garage door.

    It is important to know what the common problem of our jammed garage door is so that we can find the answers and we are ready to fix our garage door.

    Below are the common reasons for the jammed garage door.

    Broken Springs on a Garage Door

    With the help of spring systems our garage doors have an ability to function and to operate but if the torsion springs break out it will have many negative impacts to our garage door.

    The location of the torsion spring is the upper location of the garage door while the extension springs are located above the upper tracks.

    The torsion spring and extension springs are designed to be sturdy, safe and long lasting.

    But most of the time these springs can break because of the constant use of a garage door.

    Rusting is the main reason to make the spring system become weak and decrease the lifespan.

    The malfunctions of the spring can also make the garage door jammed.

    Broken spring is the main reason for the jammed garage door and if we notice our garage door has a broken spring we need to contact garage door repair personnel right away.

    The garage door repair in Pittsburgh can help us to fix right away our garage door issues.

    Only experts can repair or replace the garage door springs because they have the right tools, equipment, knowledge, years of experience, technique and extensive training for the replacement and repair for the broken springs and any other issues of our garage door.

    Professionals know how to spot the issues of the broken springs and they know when is the right time to apply the right lubricant when it is necessary.

    To avoid the broken springs we need to have regular maintenance and inspections.

    Obstructed Track

    If there is an object in the way our garage door will jam.

    If there is something obstruction in the way try to remove it from the track for the safety of the family and to make our garage door won’t jam.

    By removing the objects including any debris or any foreign objects as well as the dust and dirt our garage door works.

    Locked Garage Door

    Our garage doors have a locking system to protect and secure our property.

    If our garage door is locked we cannot gain any access to our garage.

    To unlock a locked garage door we need to turn the knob in the middle of the garage door and the bars will be turned away.

    But if you are not successfully able to unlock the locked garage door it is time to call the garage door repairmen.

    The Garage Door is Off Track

    To function properly our garage door from being jammed because of the rollers of the garage door is literally off track we need to disconnect the opener.

    To start this we need to check the overhead doors which are connecting to the door opener and make sure that the door is fully released from the opener.

    Then locate the jamming heels but it is complicated when we are doing it by ourselves so we need to contact the garage door repairmen.

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