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    Snapped Garage Cable Repair

    The cables of your garage door play a vital role in the overall mechanism of your garage door.

    In general, they provide support every time you open or close the garage door.

    But what if your garage door cable snapped all of a sudden?

    Repairing it all by yourself might not be the best idea.

    An expert technician who knows how to inspect and fix a Snapped Garage Cable Repair is your best option.

    Luckily, Garage Door Pitt in Pittsburgh is just a call away.

    Our skillful technicians will resolve your snapped door cable in no time.

    What is the Role of a Garage Door Cable?

    A garage door cable supports the door for easy lifting and shutting.

    In particular, it reduces the stress experienced by the springs from everyday use.

    Without the cable, the springs strain at a much faster rate.

    There are two types of spring support – lifting cable and retaining cable.

    Lifting cables are part of the torsion spring that lifts the door.

    Retaining cables, on the other hand, are backup supports in case the extension springs break.

    Signs for a Snapped Garage Cable Repair

    If you are wondering when the best time to repair a snapped garage door is, the answer is as soon as possible.

    Even though a garage door cable is just a support for springs, its breakage can affect the whole mechanism.

    Here are the signs to look out for when you have a snapped garage door cable:

    Screeching noise

    When you open or close the garage door, a screeching noise might mean a damaged cable.

    Since water can penetrate the garage door’s sides or bottom, especially in colder seasons, it can cause the cable to rust.

    A rusted cable makes squeaky noises, which you should never ignore.

    Unbalanced Movement

    Most of the time, there are two lifting cables on each side of the garage door.

    If one of them snapped, the door would appear unbalanced as it moves.

    In the end, it can leave gaps at the bottom, which may become a security issue.

    So it is essential to check the lifting cables’ condition from time to time.

    Unusual and Louder Closing Sound

    Over the years, you get accustomed to the sound of your garage door when it closes.

    If, after some time, you notice an unusual and louder closing sound, then one of the cables is the possible problem.

    A snapped garage door cable weakens the support in the spring.

    Thus, the door becomes heavier for other parts to carry.

    Whatever the reason why your garage door cable snapped, it is best to call for a professional technician.

    It requires expertise and experience to finish the job accurately.

    Preventive Measures to Do

    To prevent a Snapped Garage Cable Repair and costly repairs in the future, you should follow these preventive measures:

    • Lubricate. Lubricating the trolley, track, and rollers can lessen the overall strain experienced by the system.
    • Apply oil. Oiling cables and rollers can prevent rust.
    • Regular check-up. Your garage doors need a constant check-up from experts. In this way, you can avoid damages that may require you to replace the garage door altogether. We recommend an inspection at least once a year.
    • Change old parts. For your garage door to function smoothly, changing outworn hardware is a wise choice.

    Reliable Garage Door Repair in Pittsburgh

    If your household overhead door or commercial garage door suddenly stops functioning, our team is always available to attend to your needs in Pittsburgh.

    Garage Door Pitt is a reliable garage door service company that has established its name with its expert technicians in Pittsburgh.

    With years of experience, our team has developed a quick and efficient methodology for our services.

    From simple tasks such as an inspection to hard ones such as a garage door installation, we are the best team in the field.

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