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    Snapped Garage Door Cable

    We know that opening and closing the overhead doors tend to be smooth, light, and easy to do.

    These movements rely on one of the essential components: the garage door cables.

    The garage door cable is one of the most important parts of the overhead door.

    Once these cables snap, then the whole mechanism of the garage door will bog down.

    There are times that we sometimes neglect to check the garage door cable.

    And by the time that we know it needs repairs is when problems like a snapped garage door cable have occurred.

    Having a snapped garage door cable is a tad problematic.

    Your garage door operation will not function well and it will need some time to fix it.

    Some DIY solutions may be available but would you risk causing more damage than getting it fixed by the experts fast?

    Fixing your garage door by yourself could save you some money but the quality of work is in question.

    Do not worry, Garage Door Pitt brings along our years of experience when we arrive at your doorstep.

    Moreover, our garage door company has the latest tools and equipment that can provide to your garage door repair needs.

    Snapped Garage Door Cable – How To Prevent It?

    With our busy lives, we tend to neglect checking our garage door.

    We only notice our garage door when it is showing problems.

    We only call for garage door service, when we are experiencing troubles with our garage door.

    Performing preventive maintenance is the key.

    By doing this, we can prevent further damage from happening.

    You can do the preventive maintenance check by yourself.

    Having an expert to do the job is still the smartest choice you could make.

    You can definitely save time by doing so.

    During a maintenance check, the garage door repairman can immediately determine and fix the problem.

    Never take your garage door for granted or they will turn on you.

    You can prolong the garage door’s life span by taking care of it — by repairing and maintaining it.

    Do–it–Yourself Repairs vs. Garage Door Expert Services

    The Internet is a powerful tool when it comes to searching for do–it–yourself repairs.

    You can choose from many available how to repair snapped garage door cable articles and videos.

    Repairing a snapped garage door cable seems to be easy.

    But there is a catch, always remember that a garage door is pretty heavy.

    It could cause great injuries if repairing is not done carefully.

    Let us try to compare and list the pros and cons of doing it by yourself.

    Do–it–Yourself Garage Door Cable Repair


    • It is less expensive to try doing it by yourself.
    • You gain extra knowledge by doing it by yourself. This will be added to your brain’s library of how to repair.


    • You will have to buy the new tools needed for repairing your garage door.
    • It is more time-consuming. Because you need to study how to repair a snapped garage door cable and have a day-off to fix your garage door.
    • A poorly done do–it–yourself repair could create more further damages to the garage door.
    • You have to be careful in repairing it by yourself. In essence, garage doors are very heavy. It weights from 80lbs to 260lbs or more.

    Expert Garage Door Cable Repair


    • It is less time-consuming to hire an expert in garage door repair. All you have to do is call their company and they will be on their way to the job for you.
    • They have all the equipment and tools needed in repairing the snapped garage door cable.
    • Since they are experts, they are well versed in the problem and can solve it quickly.
    • Garage door technicians are insured and have a license.


    Now, it is for you to decide if you still want to push through a do–it–yourself snapped garage door cable repair.

    But always remember that we have the experts in garage door repair to save the day.

    Garage Door Pitt – The Experts in Garage Door Repair

    Your garage door needs professional care – you must act now.

    You can trust Garage Door Pitt when it comes to repairing, maintenance, and installation.

    We have the solution for every garage door problem that you have.

    Whether it’s a big or small garage door problem, we are fully equipped to do it.

    We are available 24/7 to assist you with your garage door service needs.

    Give us a call now!

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