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    Commercial And Residential Garage Door Repair Differences In Pittsburgh

    Commercial And Residential Garage Door Repair

    So your garage door broke. Busy with the family, house, work, how can you repair the garage door by yourself?

    Hiring a garage door company for renovations but how do you know what is the difference of your garage door from others when it comes to repairs?

    Here is the breakdown on whether you have a residential or a commercial garage door.

    Residential Garage Doors

    Residential garage doors are the most common, because residential garage doors are the ones you see on residential sites, or more commonly known as subdivision houses.

    Commercial Garage Doors

    Commercial garage doors have usually been designed to the same properties as residential garage doors, but just to a greater scale.

    However, most people claim that a commercial garage door is designed to higher specifications than residential doors, so it would be recommended to call a specialist in garage door repair for any damage.

    Commercial garage door repairs are much more taxing to work alone, so call us if you need to repair any commercial garage doors within the Pittsburgh area.

    Size Comparison

    Size would be seen as a difference between the commercial and residential garage door.

    It is seven feet height the standard residential garage door while the commercial garage doors are typically taller due that it is used for loading and unloading materials for companies.

    Purchase Price Comparison

    As the size insists, it is directly proportional to cost.

    The larger it is, the more expensive it is. Commercial garage doors are much bigger than the residential which also is costly than the residential.


    The other difference would be the material options.

    Commercial had no other choice but to use aluminum or galvanized steel to be manufactured which makes them no choice but to spend for the said resources but for the residential you can use aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood, and composites which people can choose whether to pick the cheaper one or the more expensive.

    Price Difference of Garage Door Repairs

    When repairing a garage door to its former state, this certainly impacts the expense of repairing garage doors.

    Regarding the cost surely when garage door repair would be done in two, commercial garage doors would win for most spending but the faster and sturdy would be the residential.

    The most important thing the garage door repair company has in mind is for the garage door being repaired, whether commercial and residential garage doors, to last a long time.

    However, it is really clear that commercial garage doors are more expensive to repair than the residential one, one of the reasons being used for commercial and business purposes.

    Effectiveness of The Garage Door Repair

    The effectiveness of the repair depends immensely on the efficiency of the machinery used and various components.

    It can be a garage door opener and various hardware.

    Both residential and commercial garage door repair can have the same efficiency, whether high or low, which depends on the company repairing the garage door.

    Difference Between Common Repairs for Commercial And Residential Garage Doors

    The most common repair in commercial and industrial are the same which is malfunction of the photo eye, broken spring, malfunction remote control and lastly would be a noisy door which first is the photo eye which it may malfunction because it is not properly aligned or dirty.

    Broken spring needs to be replaced and even if there are two you need to replace both which you need to call professionals to fix.

    The remote may only need a new battery while the last one would be given a solution by having lubricant to eradicate the noise.

    The difference between the two would be that the more materials used in residential the more harder to do repair as they need to also prepare a lot of materials.

    While in the commercial the larger the garage door the harder to fix it and the larger you need to replace the broken one.


    To summarize, the difference in repairing commercial and residential garage doors is that both are just garage doors, one is simple while the other has added features to it.

    Aside from size, the price, both are just the same. One is just used for your house, the other is for businesses and large buildings.

    If you don’t know what company to call to fix your garage door, whether residential or commercial type, we can help your garage door emergency.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Commercial And Residential Garage Door Repair Differences In Pittsburgh. Besides “Commercial And Residential Garage Door Repair Differences In Pittsburgh”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Pittsburgh.

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