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    Garage Door Repairs Bethel Park Pa

    Garage Door Repairs Bethel Park Pa

    If you need garage door repair in Bethel Park, then we are the company to contact.

    We are a team of professionals who are certified in garage door repair work and have decades of experience in this field.

    Whatever the problem with your garage door, we can fix it for you!

    Garage Door Repairs We Offer in Bethel Park

    Here is a list of the garage door repair services we provide to you in Bethel Park

    • Repair of garage door openers
    • Replacement of garage door springs
    • Fixing broken cables
    • Replacing or repairing garage door panels
    • Fixing or replacing garage door opener remotes
    • Replacing worn out or damaged rollers
    • Repairing or replacing bent or broken tracks
    • Replacing weather seals

    This is just a list of the common problems we can fix. But it doesn’t matter whether your garage doors are old or new, made of wood or metal or even glass or fiberglass, are overhead doors or the old-fashioned side-hinged doors, we can fix any problem you may have with them.

    Why Choose Our Garage Door Repair Company?

    There are many other garage door repair companies in Bethel Park that offer some of the services we do. But what makes our garage door repair company so special?

    We are Certified Professionals

    In this day and age, there are many companies that employ garage door repairmen who are not certified for this kind of work. We, on the other hand, are a team of certified professionals who have received in-depth training on handling all types of garage door repairs.

    We are Committed to Quality

    We believe that a job must be right the first time; we should not get a second call from our customers for the same work. This means that we do a thorough job the first time around.

    Furthermore, we ensure that we only use the best quality parts. This way, we know that our customers will not face issues with their garage doors for many years to come.

    We Keep You Informed

    There are many instances where a customer gets a shock when they get their bills. We do not work this way.

    When you call us for a garage door repair job, we first carry out an inspection. This way, we can check every component and know exactly what needs to be fixed with your garage door.

    Then, we discuss our findings with you and give you the exact quotes for the job. Once you agree, then we carry out the repair work.

    This way, you will not be surprised by sudden extra charges or extra work you did not know about.

    We Go the Extra Mile

    Just repair work isn’t enough in our books. If we feel that the cost of repairing your garage door would be more than replacing it, then we will tell you so – even if it means loss of business for us. We keep our customers’ best interests as a top priority.

    We Have Services for Garage Door Emergencies

    Anyone can have a garage door emergency. At these times, it is very difficult to find a garage door repair company that will come immediately to fix your problem. Well, you can count on us.

    If you have an emergency on your hands, then call us immediately. We will be there as soon as possible to fix your garage door for you.

    Range of Repair Services

    We pride ourselves in the range of repair services we offer. We can fix any type of garage door.

    Whether it’s an overhead door repair job for the latest models or whether it’s fixing an old garage door, you can trust us to repair it so that it works like new!

    Bethel Park Garage Door Repairs

    We always stock spare parts at our warehouse. And when we come over to your home or business to repair your garage door, we come prepared.

    All we need to know is the type of garage door you have, and we bring all possible spare parts with us.

    This way, you know that when you call us, we will get the job done before we leave.

    So, if you need any kind of garage door repair work done, all you need to do is call is, and we’ll be there!

    Garage door problems FAQ

    When is it time to replace my garage door motor?

    Garage door openers usually tend to last a long time. The average lifespan of an opener is 10 - 15 years. You could prolong the lifespan to 20+ years if you keep current on the maintenance of the rollers and springs.

    Why is my garage door shaking when opening?

    Most chances are due to Bad Pulleys. There are two major types of pulleys that your garage door might have: press fit pulleys and cast iron pulleys. Cast iron pulleys are molded as a single piece, and as they wear and tear, they can begin to vibrate. Weakened iron pulleys would cause major shaking in your door and serious problems if left unrepaired.

    How do I make my garage door move smoother?

    We recommend 3 ways to keep your garage door running smoothly - 1. Remove Dirt From the Tracks: Over time, dust, oil, and other debris might accumulate in the garage door tracks. If all you need is a cleaning, it shouldnt take more than a few minutes to get your garage door running smoothly again. 2. Lubrication of all the hardware. 3. Door Balance.

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