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    How To Replace A Garage Door Weatherstrip

    How To Replace A Garage Door Weatherstrip – Weatherstripping plays a vital role in everyone’s garage, especially since it is mostly hot in that part of your house.

    The purpose of weather stripping installed in your overhead door is to maintain the air circulating inside the garage and block the hot air from the outside; the temperature will not be bothered. Although it can also help during winter or cold seasons, it traps the warm air inside and blocks the snows from coming in that might cool your garage.

    Furthermore, it does not just deal with maintaining the temperature inside, but it also helps in not letting the water pass through the edges of your garage door.

    With the weather stripping, you could prevent flooding in your garage.

    However, if the weather stripping is starting to wear out, it will not perform its task correctly.

    It will then be unable to maintain the temperature inside your garage, for it will let the air outside come into the room.

    It will also be incapable of preventing the water from outside when it rains, and cause flooding in your garage.

    Fortunately, replacing the weather stripping is easy that you will not need to call for garage door repair companies, for you can do it yourself.

    However, if you think you can’t, then you are free to call for a garage door repair or overhead door repair in your area.

    Remove the Old Weather Stripping

    Removing the old weather stripping of your garage door only requires you to pull out one end of it until every last bit of it comes off.

    Most weatherstripping is a sticker type that you need to peel the cover and then stick it to the surface.

    However, weatherstripping is screwed in the surface upon installation, so just pulling it out will not work, for you would need to unscrew it first.

    It is being fastened to ensure that it will not come off involuntarily, that easily.

    However, before you remove the weather stripping, make sure you already have your replacement to replace it immediately.

    It is because you might encounter problems in temperature and such if you waited for a long duration before returning it.

    Prepare the Surface

    Since there is a weather stripping that is previously installed in your garage door’s edges, it is only necessary for you to clean the surface before sticking to new ones.

    If the old weather strips that you used to have a sticker type, then there is still some adhesive left out when you pull it out.

    Use an adhesive cleaner like the General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner that you could buy in stores, to remove the remaining paste.

    Also, sanding lightly the surface is recommended to smoothen it.

    However, if the previously installed weatherstripping is the fastened type that requires nailing and screws, fill the left holes.

    After filling the gaps, sand the surface to have a straight plane to install your weather stripping.

    Install the Replacements

    Just like what I told you earlier, installing weather stripping for your garage door is easy, especially when you have the sticker type.

    Remove the cover on its back that blocks the adhesive so that you could paste it on the surface.

    However, please do not remove the end entirely.

    Instead, pull it out slowly as you paste the weather stripping part that already has its end detached. a

    For the product that requires fastening, punch holes first in the surface so that your nail and your screw will go in there, not letting the weather stripping be pulled out involuntarily.

    If you think that the weather stripping might block your garage door’s operation, then try pasting on small areas first and try opening and closing the door.

    Observe if it still operates as it does before you install the product.

    If you think it does not interfere with the door, you choose the right product and the right track.

    If it makes the operation harder, then better stop what you are doing and call for garage door emergency service and ask them what could be done to aid the installation of the weather stripping.

    Once again, these are the easy steps for you to install weather stripping.

    Nevertheless, call for garage door service if you think it is seemingly hard for you to do it yourself.

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