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    Garage Door Rollers, Hinges & Sensors Repair Service

    Garage doors are stable and reliable structures that protect our valuable home.

    It often goes unnoticed unless it starts malfunctioning.

    It happens commonly among homes, but people are generally unfamiliar with the terminology and perform restorations.

    Problems with garage door rollers, hinges, and sensors are usually caused by insufficient upkeep.

    We’re here to give you the breakdown of what you need to renovate your garage door and how to keep it running smoothly.

    Basics and Parts

    Before we get to fixing, we need to understand what we’re dealing with.

    There’s a lot that goes into making the garage door system work.

    Get the most out of your garage door by being familiar with its parts.

    Let’s talk about the doors first.

    Garage doors can be opened either vertically or horizontally, which can be essential to know when planning a restoration project.

    Overhead doors are one of the most famous types of garage doors.

    They use tracks or rails to lift the door horizontally with the ceiling either manually or use motors.

    It makes use of heavy materials, so safety is essential mainly when repairing these garage doors.

    The hardware components are where our garage door rollers, hinges, and sensors come into play.

    Each piece works as one to allow for ease when opening and closing the door.

    It may be a bit complicated to understand but let us break it down for you

    • Door Rollers
      These are small rollers or wheels found on the side of the garage doors. It should rotate without difficulty inside the door tracks when opening or closing the door.
    • Hinges
      The quality of a door depends on its hinges. These can be seen in the middle of each sectional part of the door and maintains its position. It also provides the bending of each section when opening or closing the door.
    • Springs
      These allow garage doors to be opened and closed with one hand and are positioned at the top of the door as one huge coil. This function is crucial in the counterweight system utilized by garage doors for ease of use.
    • Lifting Cables
      These are attached to the springs helping it open and close.
    • Garage Door Opener
      This allows for the automatic opening and closing of garage doors through the use of motors.
    • Door Tracks
      These are metal components seen on the side of the doors or attached to the ceiling, which aid in opening and closing the doors.


    Now that we’ve taken a look at the parts let’s figure out what initiates a need to renovate garage doors.

    As mentioned, problems often occur due to a lack of maintenance.

    Some hints or tips can help prevent further damage for garage doors.

    Make sure to keep your garage door in top shape to avoid any mishaps.

    Time affects most things, even garage doors.

    Even quality materials have a particular lifespan and can begin to break down over time.

    Garage door rollers are the primary culprits to this problem as they are one of the main components moving every time you open and close the door.

    Having uneven tracks can also affect your rollers as well as the weight of the door.

    It’s suggested that garage door rollers are to be replaced at least once every five years to ensure safety and more expensive repairs.

    As mentioned, the quality of a garage door depends on its hinges.

    Lubrication is essential to preserve the integrity of this part.

    Repetitive use can easily cause wear and tear, which is why it is recommended to grease the hinges at least once a year.

    Another component that requires greasing from time to time is the garage rollers.

    Garage doors can often emit screeching and scraping sounds when this part becomes worn out.

    This is usually a signal to replace these parts to prevent further damage.
    Sensors are one of the most pricey components of a garage door.

    Once it becomes faulty, it affects all other parts of the garage door.

    Problems with sensitivity can cause difficulty and even harm when not monitored regularly.

    Make sure to adjust the sensors from time to time as massive foot traffic can often trigger the safety sensor unnecessarily.

    Repairs and Fixes

    Despite taking measures to prevent and monitor the quality of garage doors, malfunctions can still occur.

    Worn out components, broken sensors, and struggling garage doors cause many mishaps when operating garage doors and could eventually make it impossible to use.

    Take strategic steps to have an efficient garage door renovation.

    Here are some common repairs and fixes that can be done.

    • Noisy garage door
      • Rollers can be prone to be stuck and can slide off the door tracks. It’s meant to turn and spin on the side of the door with ease. It’s best to leave it in its current open or closed position when the rollers fall off the tracks to prevent cables and springs breaking. These parts can be replaced and have continuous lubrication done. Cleaning the tracks can also help.
      • Another cause is having faulty hinges. Loose or worn out hinges can cause panels in the garage door to sink. Make sure to monitor all sides of the garage door where your hinges are located. Clean them as needed to keep the hinge, tracks, and rollers in optimal condition.
      • Replacement of these often involves heavy lifting, so be careful when handling garage door repairs. If unsure of how to perform them safely, contact a nearby garage door technician.
    • Faulty garage door
      • This can occur when the garage door opens but does not close. Sensors are usually the cause of this problem, especially with the lens. A quick fix can be checking if anything is blocking the lens area and cleaning it to see if it works.
      • If the sensors are still faulty, it might be time to replace them. It’s best to unplug any power source to prevent any accidents when replacing sensors. Remove the previous sensor on all areas placed, then install the new safety sensor wires. Plugin the power and line up the sensors until the indicator lights are consistently lighting up. Make sure to test the sensors by using objects in your garage to ensure safety.

    If you are having trouble with your garage door renovation, find the nearest garage repair technicians located in your area for the best possible solutions.

    With this information, garage door renovations are now easier to approach and understand.

    Quality of materials and repair is essential to ensure longevity and safety of garage doors.

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