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    Garage Door Springs Replacement

    Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement Company?

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    Every single house here in Pittsburgh uses overhead garage doors as this is the most common and beneficial one.

    Over a year or so of usage, sometimes we encounter problems or difficulties of using it.

    The garage door itself can last decades, but the spring does not.

    So, the most common errand we face for the garage door is a broken spring.

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    But for now, let’s find out first how we can check and replace the springs of the garage door.

    Spot the problem

    Are you having a hard time opening your overhead garage doors? Have you tried to check on it and see what the real problem is?

    Usually, we will notice that some part of the spring is already broken and needs to be replaced—this type of problem we cannot ignore or cannot take time to wait to be fixed.

    We need immediate action in improving it, as it is one of the essential parts of the garage door.

    Tension spring is the one helping us to lift the garage door smoothly.

    So, if this is broke, we are putting a risk or can cause an accident to our family.

    As it may malfunction, that causes problems and danger to us as we use it.

    Regular checking and maintenance should be practice, but in the case that it’s already broken due to usage, we need to fix and replace the tension spring of the garage door.

    There are ways to do it on your own for immediate action.

    A solution to Restore Garage Door Spring

    Here are the simple steps to follow:

    1. Prepare the tools and materials needed.
      Tools: Leather gloves, Rags, Safety glasses, Adjustable wrench, Wrench set, Clamps, Locking pliers, Socket/ratchet set, winding bars, Cordless drill and Hammer.
      Materials: Double-life torsion springs, Lift cables and Bottom brackets
    2. Make sure that the door is locked down. Attach the C-clamp to the track to secure that the garage door will not be open. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
    3. Then loosen the unbroken spring by removing it from the centre bracket. Use a winding bar while you loosen the screws. Hold it tight as the spring will push with powerful torque as the screws release. Then unwind the spring removing the broken part. Make sure that you don’t have your car inside as you cannot open the garage door until its already fixed.
    4. Now we need to install the new spring. Put the left spring and new centre bearing, then replace the bottom brackets, rollers and lift cables.  Thread the wires and tighten the drums. Wind the garage door tension springs and stretch it—lots of muscle work needed here.
    5. Put the garage door lubricant on the tension spring. Slide a paper between the spring and the wall to protect the wall. Then spray on the lubricant and wipe off the excess.
    6. Test the garage door if it will operate smoothly. Remove all the clamps and pliers. To check if the door spring is adjusted correctly, the door should stay in its place. If not, just add a quarter turn to each spring until the door stays in place.

    Not so fast…

    Simple?! Simple as it said, but the actual preparation for the restoration needs lots of effort, skills and detailed understanding of the garage door.

    We need to know the parts, the function and the right procedure on how to remove and place it back up to the small details of it.

    As we said, a broken garage door can cause danger to us.

    It may cause you a little more money than hiring a professional one, but if you’re not confident enough to fix it, it’s good to let the professionals handle it.

    Best Way to Resolve

    If you don’t have that handyman thing in you, don’t worry, in Garage Door Pitt, always there for you to help.

    Compared to other garage door services shops here in Pittsburgh, we offer a good quality service.

    And if you’re not from Pittsburgh, don’t worry; we also have some branches in other locations.

    Visit our website to know which branch is the nearest to your area.

    Hiring now our professional workers is the best thing you can do to experience service that will satisfy your needs.

    It’s better to contact us now for further assistance and immediate response, so we can discuss with you the process and how we can restore your garage door.

    Garage door springs are often taken for granted

    Never do we know how essential this component is to the whole set-up.

    Springs are a very important component as they not only carry the door’s weight but without them, it would be impossible to open and close the door.

    It is definitely not something to be desired when you end up having a busted spring.

    Overhead door springs need to be tuned up regularly in order to prevent them from suddenly breaking down.

    However, even if constant maintenance is done, there is still a slight possibility that it will wear out due to previously unforeseen factors.

    When this happens, you will have to replace your garage door’s spring.

    Garage Spring replacement and installation may look easy to a bystander but it is in actuality really dangerous to do. If done incorrectly, it can prove to be fatal even.

    Let us get to know more about garage spring replacement and the things we need to know about them.

    Garage Springs

    So what exactly are garage springs and what do we need to know about them?

    As previously mentioned above, garage springs are vital components that help lift and carry your overhead door. With the absence of springs, lifting your door open would be a much more tedious job.

    Garage door springs also need to be proportional to the specifications of your garage door.

    The size and weight must be considered when choosing the right spring for your door.

    Before getting to the replacement process, there are some things we need to know and prepare beforehand in order to ensure the activity’s success.

    Let us start with knowing the different types of spring there is.

    So, there are two types of garage door springs available in the market, namely, torsion springs and extension springs.

    Both of which are very much easy to identify or differentiate from each other

    On your garage door, the spring found on the top side is the torsion spring while the one found on the sides of your door on top of the tracks is called the extension spring.

    Both serve almost the same function. They both carry and support your garage door during opening and closing.

    Now it is extremely important to know which kind of spring is needed for your garage door.

    As we have mentioned before, springs need to be chosen based on your door’s specifications.

    This can be done by researching online the type of spring you need or better yet ask the advice of a professional on this.

    How to replace garage springs

    In order to replace the garage springs properly, you will need to have the proper tools and skills for the job.

    This activity is not something you can just do on a whim.

    Prepare the proper tools you need for the job.

    If you are planning to replace your garage door, then make sure you have the following

    • Drill
    • Hammer
    • Locking Pliers
    • Winding Bars
    • Wrench and Socket Set
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Clamps
    • Safety Glasses and Gloves

    It is highly probable that you will need more than the tools indicated above but these are the standard tools commonly used when replacing or installing a garage spring.

    After you have prepared the necessary tools, it is time to know how it is actually done.

    However, do keep in mind that depending on the type of spring you are using, the procedures may vary significantly.

    Replacement of Torsion Springs

    1. Prepare the garage door’s frame. Make sure that it is held tightly in place. It is very important the frame in which the spring will be attached is stable and unmoving.
    2. Lock your garage door’s position in place with the help of the locking pliers and the clamps. This is to prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries from happening.
    3. Unmount the previously attached spring to make room for the replacement.
    4. After having removed the damaged springs, assemble the new springs firmly into the spring tube.
    5. Fasten the spring’s support plates to the frame of your garage door tightly. After doing so, mount the previously assembled torsion springs on the support plates.
    6. Reattach the torsion cable of your garage door.
    7. Adjust the spring accordingly using the winding bars.
    8. Test the functionality of your garage door with the newly attached spring replacement.

    Replacement of Extension Springs

    1. Completely open your garage door and keep it in that position with the help of the clamp and the locking pliers. This is to make sure that unwanted accidents or injuries do not happen.
    2. Remove the busted extension spring from your garage door.
    3. After doing so, mount the new springs to the sides of your garage doors. Do make sure that the spring is only extended to about one inch even if the garage door is completely open. Secure the extension springs tightly on the frame.
    4. Remove the clamps holding your garage door in position and check your door’s functionality. Is it working well? If installed properly, this should allow your garage door to open and close properly without any problems.

    Keep in mind that the above-stated procedures are only a general overview of the whole process so if you really wish to perform the replacement of your springs, then you will need to research further DIY tutorials and videos online to help you with the task.

    Garage Door Spring Replacement: How, When, And Why

    Spring is one of the parts of the garage door that we do not notice much.

    Maybe we will only see it when it breaks down while we are inside our garage or can not get our car out.

    As homeowners who have a garage in our home, we should only know what caused the damage, when the parts of our garage door need to be replaced, and above all, how it can be repaired or replaced.

    There are many possible causes for garage door springs to break down.

    Sign of a failing garage door springs

    The old garage door spring can experience changes when it comes to its functions.

    One of the signs that garage door springs are no longer working is when you hear a sound from the electric door opener.

    When it is shut down every time the door is lifted, it means that the garage door springs are damaged.

    The spring is too old, it will suddenly break, and the garage door will close violently.

    When a spring breaks, the garage door becomes heavy, and the door opener can no longer lift it.

    When the spring is wholly broken, you will hear a loud sound like a gunshot.

    If you are experiencing these kinds of situations, it is time for you to consider replacing your garage door spring before it is too late, and it will affect other parts of the garage door.

    If you are looking for any garage door repair services,

    our company in Pittsburgh offers various products and services to make your garage door better.

    Do send us a message.

    Should you replace your garage door spring yourself?

    Whenever we have damaged things, we always think about doing it on our own.

    Even if we know that we do not know much about that kind of problem, we will still try to do that, which leads to further destruction.

    Doing it yourself is always our first option because we do not want to pay a high construction price.

    But when it comes to the garage door and its parts, should we do it alone?

    According to a garage door repair company, our garage door has a few problems that we can fix on our own but not including garage door springs.

    According to overhead door repair experts, repairing broken springs should only be done by professionals.

    Usually, the springs are under tension, so it isn’t easy to adjust, especially if you do not have much knowledge about it.

    Most of the garage doors experts recommend always leave the garage door springs to the pros.

    But if you think you can do it and you have enough tools for fixing garage door springs, you can follow these simple procedures.

    Accompany caution with repairs as they are quite dangerous.

    Determine the types of garage door springs

    Before you start replacing the springs on your garage door, make sure you know what kind of garage door spring you need to replace.

    The garage door spring has two categories.

    1. Extension springs

    Extension springs are mainly three styles; these are the clipped-end extension springs, double-looped extension springs, and the open-looped extension spring.

    2. Torsion springs

    Torsion springs have four types: standard, early-set, steel rolling-door, and torque-master springs.

    Finding a replacement spring

    Finding the best springs is not difficult, especially if you know the garage door springs’ style and size.

    You can find a replacement spring online or in hardware stores, but it is still better if you buy from a garage door repair company because they will be able to answer your question regarding garage door repairs.

    Replacing the garage door springs

    Replacing an extension spring is common for DIYers.

    The procedures here are more manageable and safer compared to torsion springs.

    Replacing torsion springs is more complicated and dangerous because your components are heavy metals and under tension.

    Security Warning!

    If you think the spring is broken, do not disconnect the garage door opener to the door as the garage door may fall, and nothing will stop it.

    This situation is one of the reasons why you should not let your garage door spring break because it will cause accidents.


    Proper garage spring replacement can be a hard thing to do especially when you do not have enough knowledge about it.

    There are a lot of things you need to know and prepare for before you can perform the procedure without any problems.

    For Pittsburgh garage spring replacement concerns, there is no better garage door repair company to go to than Garage Door Pitt in Pittsburgh.

    Garage door emergency is not something you can just take for granted and surely you must want someone trustworthy enough for the task.

    This being said, if you choose us, we can assure you that our technicians are highly qualified and trained for the job. They will get the job done in no time at all.

    Not only that, but we are also available 24/7 for your overhead door repair needs! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

    Garage Door Springs Replacement FAQ

    Do you repair any garage door brand?

    Yes. There isn’t a garage door, door opener, hardware and the like that Garage Door Pit can’t fix. Is your garage door system outdated? No problem! We can help you fix it and recommend improvements if you wish us to.

    Can I repair the garage door springs myself?

    Here are some good reasons why you should avoid this task - Injury, Accuracy, Time, Improper installation could void your warranty.

    Do you repair garage door springs on your first visit?

    Yes, most of the time we can perform the repair or replacement, including torsion springs, the same day. Call us, more often than not, we can diagnosis your garage door or opener issue over the phone.

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