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    Garage Door Opener Repair Giving You a Headache?

    At home or the office, all our doors play a vital role.

    It is not just our entry or exit point, or welcoming stint for our houses, but also our protection from burglary and other dangerous crimes.

    Therefore, we must preserve ALL our doors, including our garage doors, and maintain all its parts in their best condition.

    Dejectedly, we neglect to care for our garage doors, although they are our convenient access, that they defend our garage from harmful rudiments, that they create a safe space for our personal belongings kept in the garage, including our vehicles.

    Almost all of us ignore their needs.

    Together with our houses, they age too, mostly.

    So, we hope that all together we realize that they need some repair and fixing, too. Where do we start then?

    Here are some tips to get you started on your garage door opener repair.

    Know your garage door

    There are four most common types of garage doors, namely, sectional, roll-up, slide, and tilt up.

    Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Each type uses a different mechanism to operate.

    If you have no idea about this, contact a garage door repair company.

    They can tell you not just about your door, but also how to care for it to keep it in the best condition.

    Garage Door Inspection

    Once you have contacted a garage door repair company, their licensed technicians will immediately request an inspection schedule.

    Only then can they evaluate the condition of your garage doors and its main components, if they need fixing and repair.

    Repairing A Garage Door

    After inspection, your technicians will surely give you recommendations.

    It will best if you have a background in it, so you can rest assured that they will be giving you the best services, especially if it needs restoration or rebuilding.

    There are two focal components in repairing a garage door, the door itself and the opener.

    There are many articles already about repairing a garage door itself, so here we will elaborate on the repair of the garage door opener.

    Garage Door Opener Repair

    More often than not, garage door opener problems are simple to understand and are easy to fix.

    Below are the four most common garage door opener issues and how to repair them.

    1. The door won’t open when the remote control or switch is pressed. In this case, most probably, the power source is disordered. Try checking your plug. It might not be inserted correctly in its outlet. If it is, check your circuit breaker, fuse, or the outlet powering the door now. They might have been burned out. If that is the case, just reset the circuit breaker. If that doesn’t work still, then the garage door opener might have been burned out. This means it has to be replaced, and you will need to contact a garage door opener repair company now.
    2. The opener does not respond to wireless or wall-mounted keypad. If this happens, try moving closer to the door because it might be that you are just out of range. If this won’t work, check your batteries, they might need to be replaced. Now, if there is still no response, the antenna on your motor unit might be misaligned or damaged, or the keypads could have dropped its programming and needs to be returned.  It will be appropriate to approach a garage door opener repair company now because garage door opener uses a method of reprogramming only, they can do properly. Online instructions may be available, but it is better to leave it to the experts, like us. Message us now!
    3. The garage door fails to completely open or close. Usually, this is simple; the rollers need fixing. They may need lubricating. However, if that does not resolve this, the set limit switches may need fine-tuning. This is tricky, so it’s best to contact experts or the garage door opener repair companies. Call us now!
    4. The garage door immediately reverses before or after reaching the floor. This is another issue on rollers, so try to lubricate them. If that does not resolve that, then most probably, the set limit switches responsible for reversing your doors might need fine-tuning. We once again advise you to contact garage door opener repair companies. We are ready to serve you!

    Whatever it is that you are experiencing with your doors, always contact the experts. Call us now for onsite inspection!

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