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    Commercial Garage Door Service Pittsburgh

    Commercial Garage Door Service in Pittsburgh

    A lot of businesses right now use commercial garage doors for their day to day operations. If you are one of these companies, then you would probably want a garage door repair company that will be able to provide commercial repairs for your garage door.

    A broken-down commercial garage door can be a lot of hassle. At worst, it can even affect your operations and work schedule. As we all know, time is a very important asset, especially in the business world.

    However, you will not be able to deny that, more than anything else, commercial garage doors are being opened and closed almost every day. When this is the case, it will eventually get so worn out and will eventually breakdown.

    If you are in the market looking for a trustworthy garage door repair company in Pittsburgh, then you should definitely consider Garage Door Pitt.

    What is Garage Door Pitt?

    Garage Door Pitt is a repair service provider company specializing in garage doors and is located in Pittsburgh.

    We are a locally owned garage door repair company with multiple branches near the area. You definitely could not go wrong when choosing Garage Door Pitt.

    Our technicians are highly trained and well equipped for any job that may come our way. Armed with the best and latest set of tools in the market, they will certainly fix your garage door problems. There is no doubt about that.

    Aside from that, our company also offers 24-hour repair services. May it be residential clients or commercial clients; we will always be at your beck and call.

    Not only that, we service all kinds of garage doors of all shapes and sizes.

    What kind of repair services do we offer?

    At Garage Door Pitt, we understand that you only want the best services for your business garage door. After all, settling for a temporary fix, which by the way does not solve the problem, will only have your commercial garage door break down again at a later time resulting in you wasting more of your time and money.

    Here at the Garage Door Pitt, we want you to be happy with the services that we offer. No matter how simple it may be, we will always give all our 100% effort and time to complete your requests.

    So, what kind of repair services exactly do we offer? Well, we cater to almost all kinds of garage door repair requests. But to generalize things and to give you an idea of what’s in store for you, here are some examples for you:

    If you wish to know more details about each service, you can check them out at our website.

    If it seems like your problem cannot be categorized with any of the services above, then don’t give up on us just yet. As we said previously, we cater to almost all kinds of garage repair so give us a call and try to confirm if your assumptions are right.

    Why choose Garage Door Pitt in Pittsburgh?

    Why indeed. Well, the best answer to that is because we have been serving the local area for as long as we remember. Try asking around, some of your acquaintances living in the same place might even have heard about us.

    Leave your garage door repair problems to your local garage door repair company. Whom better to trust than that which is close by right?

    Well, actually, there’s more. Having multiple branches located in Pittsburgh will assure you that we can arrive at your place faster than most repair services out there.

    This split-second difference in response time is what sets apart our company from the rest. Being able to address your needs as soon as possible will also mean that you will be able to save more precious time for your work operations.

    The Inconvenience of a Damaged Commercial Garage Door

    The garage door is perhaps the part of your home or commercial establishment that that’s constantly exposed to corrosion due to excessive use.

    A standard garage door will eventually wear out as it gets opened and closed hundreds of times per year.

    When keeping your property safe is among your top priorities, proper maintenance of your garage door will ensure protection to you and your property.

    But when you fail to do so, your garage door will become a problem and cause your employees to risk.

    And a lot of companies right now utilize the industrial overhead doors for their daily production.

    If you belong to these businesses, you would want a commercial garage door service company to supply you with the repairs.

    There can be a bit of inconvenience with a damaged commercial overhead door.

    At worst, the operations and work timeline could also be affected.

    While we all know, time is a valuable asset to everyone, especially in the business sector.

    For that reason, having a working and well-maintained garage door is necessary.

    These doors protect your precious belongings and products from criminals and theft.

    And if you are searching for a trusted overhead door repair facility in Pittsburgh, then Garage Door Pitt is the one to consider.

    About Garage Door Pitt?

    Garage Door Pitt is a professional garage door repair service located in Pittsburgh.

    We provide all sorts of repair services to every household and company owners.

    We are a domestically owned repair business with several locations near the city.

    In getting our services, you certainly could not go wrong.

    Our professionals are highly equipped and well trained for any job that may come our way.

    Powered with the newest and latest set of instruments in the industry, they will absolutely take care of your garage door problems. That’s a proven fact.

    Our company also provides 24×7 repair facilities, apart from that.

    May it be residential users or industrial customers; we will always be at your disposal.

    Not just that, we cater to all sorts of garage doors of all types and sizes.

    What Are Our Garage Door Repair Services?

    At Garage Door Pitt, we know you want quality services for your commercial enterprise.

    Besides, opting for a temporary repair, this, by the way, does not resolve the problem.

    It will make your commercial garage door fall again later, resulting in you spending more of your time and resources.

    Here at Garage Door Pitt in Pittsburgh, we want you to be satisfied with the services we provide.

    We will always give all our full work and effort to meet your requests, no matter how easy it may be.

    We respond to almost all types of overhead door repair requests.

    But for you to define situations and provide an estimate of what’s in store for you, here are some examples:

    • Repairing of Remote Opener
    • Cable Repairing and Removing
    • Rollers, Hinges, and Repairing of Sensors
    • Replacement of Faded Spring
    • Replacing the Adjustment System

    If it seems like any of the above services cannot identify your problem, then don’t hold back on us yet.

    As we said earlier, we tend to nearly all forms of garage repair, so contact us directly and try to validate if your claims are correct.

    Why Should Garage Door Pitt Be Your First Choice?

    Our business has years of experience in Pittsburgh and other areas, handling overhead door repairs.

    We are trained professionals equipped with our repair services.

    We do a full inspection of your garage door before fixing it to find out what the real issue is.

    When we check your home or commercial establishment, we bring all the necessary tools and materials.

    We ensure that we are very thorough with our work.

    The moment you call us, we will guarantee that our task is correct the first time, and you will never contact us again for the same work order.

    We only utilize the highest standards of materials for all of our repair job.

    In the repair industry, we still maintain a remarkable reputation.

    Besides, our costs are competitive, and we also provide our loyal customers with discounts and promotions.

    Call Garage Door Pitt in Pittsburgh Now!

    We are a group of experienced pros who are familiar with all sorts of overhead door situations.

    So, if any of these garage door issues occur, do not hesitate to call us for assistance.

    We guarantee that we accurately fix all reported issues regarding your garage doors.

    Whether you need an overhead door replacement or just for maintenance, we are available for you anytime!

    We only supply the highest standards equipment, and we promise that you will never get us for the same job order for the second time.

    It does not matter what region you are residing in, as we cover all areas of Pittsburgh.

    Contact any of our staff to make an appointment, and we will be there as quickly as we can!

    So your garage door broke

    Busy with the family, house, work, how can you repair the garage door by yourself?

    Hiring a garage door company for renovations but how do you know what is the difference of your garage door from others when it comes to repairs?

    Here is the breakdown on whether you have a residential or a commercial garage door.

    Residential Garage Doors

    Residential garage doors are the most common, because residential garage doors are the ones you see on residential sites, or more commonly known as subdivision houses.

    Commercial Garage Doors

    Commercial garage doors have usually been designed to the same properties as residential garage doors, but just to a greater scale.

    However, most people claim that a commercial garage door is designed to higher specifications than residential doors, so it would be recommended to call a specialist in garage door repair for any damage.

    Commercial garage door repairs are much more taxing to work alone, so call us if you need to repair any commercial garage doors within the Pittsburgh area.

    Size Comparison

    Size would be seen as a difference between the commercial and residential garage door.

    It is seven feet height the standard residential garage door while the commercial garage doors are typically taller due that it is used for loading and unloading materials for companies.

    Purchase Price Comparison

    As the size insists, it is directly proportional to cost.

    The larger it is, the more expensive it is. Commercial garage doors are much bigger than the residential which also is costly than the residential.


    The other difference would be the material options.

    Commercial had no other choice but to use aluminum or galvanized steel to be manufactured which makes them no choice but to spend for the said resources but for the residential you can use aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood, and composites which people can choose whether to pick the cheaper one or the more expensive.

    Price Difference of Garage Door Repairs

    When repairing a garage door to its former state, this certainly impacts the expense of repairing garage doors.

    Regarding the cost surely when garage door repair would be done in two, commercial garage doors would win for most spending but the faster and sturdy would be the residential.

    The most important thing the garage door repair company has in mind is for the garage door being repaired, whether commercial and residential garage doors, to last a long time.

    However, it is really clear that commercial garage doors are more expensive to repair than the residential one, one of the reasons being used for commercial and business purposes.

    Effectiveness of The Garage Door Repair

    The effectiveness of the repair depends immensely on the efficiency of the machinery used and various components.

    It can be a garage door opener and various hardware.

    Both residential and commercial garage door repair can have the same efficiency, whether high or low, which depends on the company repairing the garage door.

    Difference Between Common Repairs for Commercial And Residential Garage Doors

    The most common repair in commercial and industrial are the same which is malfunction of the photo eye, broken spring, malfunction remote control and lastly would be a noisy door which first is the photo eye which it may malfunction because it is not properly aligned or dirty.

    Broken spring needs to be replaced and even if there are two you need to replace both which you need to call professionals to fix.

    The remote may only need a new battery while the last one would be given a solution by having lubricant to eradicate the noise.

    The difference between the two would be that the more materials used in residential the more harder to do repair as they need to also prepare a lot of materials.

    While in the commercial the larger the garage door the harder to fix it and the larger you need to replace the broken one.


    To summarize, the difference in repairing commercial and residential garage doors is that both are just garage doors, one is simple while the other has added features to it.

    Aside from size, the price, both are just the same. One is just used for your house, the other is for businesses and large buildings.

    If you don’t know what company to call to fix your garage door, whether residential or commercial type, we can help your garage door emergency.

    For garage door repairs in Pittsburgh, there is no better place to go to than Garage Door Pitt. If you want the best quality services you can find in the market for your overhead door needs, then do consider our company.

    After all, garage door emergency response has always been our forte. We will surely not disappoint. We are available 24-hours a day, and will always be ready for you.

    So what are you waiting for? For your Commercial Garage Door Repair in Pittsburgh, there is no one you can trust more than us.

    Give us a call now! No matter what you need, we can provide it for you.

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