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    Garage Door Track Replacement & Repair | Pittsburgh

    Garage Door Track Adjustment & Replacement

    The advancement of today’s technology has allowed us to access information quickly.

    However, when some of our things are damaged, we often opt to replace it, give up on it, or worse, we let it be until they rot and will be beyond repair.

    What should we do when our garage door’s emergency release malfunctions?

    Will we risk our safety and security from accidents and intruders just because we find fixing the emergency release cord impossible?

    In this article, we will help you with some steps to deal with some common garage door problems.

    Emergency release cord

    You might be wondering what that rope, with a handle on its base, hanging on your garage door’s trolley is called.

    It’s usually dangling a few feet from the ceiling.

    Well, that is the emergency release cord that disconnects the carriage from the trolley, allowing your garage door to slide along the railing.

    Once pulled down, it will let you lift your overhead door manually with ease.

    How to use your garage door’s emergency release?

    One thing to keep in mind if you want to be familiar with how to operate your emergency release is to make sure that the garage door is closed before you pull it down.

    If your garage door is open when you disengage your release cord, it can cause damage or a permanent injury on your garage door once it slams shut.

    A broken or weak spring may cause your garage door to slam.

    Furthermore, once you’re sure that your garage door is closed, reach your release cord and pull it down.

    Once done, this will disconnect the carriage and the trolley.

    Next, you would want to test the garage door by walking over to it and lifting it.

    Check if it functions correctly or for some irregularities by opening and closing it a few times.

    If this test is perfect and smooth, it’s time to close your garage and reattach your emergency release cord by simply plugging it back.

    How to know if your opener needs repair?

    Disconnect the emergency release –

    Pull down the handle of your emergency release so the opener will detach from the garage. Try to open your garage door after opening it manually. Your garage door opener needs to be fixed, repaired, or replaced if it does manually open as this means that there is something wrong with it. Commonly, it is a sprocket issue or a stripped gear. Seeking help from a professionally trained technician to replace or repair your opener should be done.

    Is the garage door not unlocked?

    Often, we don’t realize if our garage door might have accidentally locked, and we usually ignore this idea and fail to double-check if it is. Now, an easy and quick fix is to unlock your garage door.

    Check for any obstructions –

    It might be unusual, that’s maybe why we disregard the idea of any item or objects that could have fallen mistakenly or had been lodged into the garage door, causing the track to be blocked. However, fixing this is as easy as brushing your teeth. Remove the object you found and voilà! You’re good to go!

    Check for any broken springs –

    If your springs are located at the top of your garage door horizontally, check and see if a gap between the two (torsion) springs is noticeable. However, if you have springs on your garage’s sides, check if any of its pieces are hanging. It is obvious to replace the broken springs of your garage door. This process is quite dangerous, so make sure to let a professional technician handle this.

    Jammed pulley or snapped cables –

    Make sure to check if the cables on your garage’s sides are dangling or check if your pulley is bent. A cable that is snapped or a jammed pulley needs to be replaced. If you are unfamiliar, which most of us are, or never had handled these objects, contacting a trained professional technician to resolve the problem is the best thing to do. Note that if your emergency release is disengaged in this process, make sure to reattach it to the opener by aligning the two trolleys together, and it’ll automatically be back in its place.

    There are several random reasons why your emergency release is detached, and sometimes you can’t figure out what is causing this and what to do with it.

    The good thing is a lot of companies, like Garage Door Pitt, are experts in renovation or garage door restoration.

    We also provide useful information that you might need to know more about your garage door, Overhead Door Repair, and anything that involves your garage door.

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