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    Garage Door Repair Cranberry Township Pa

    Garage Door Repair Cranberry Township Pa

    Garage Door Repair in Cranberry Township Pa

    If you live in Cranberry Township and are in need to garage door repair services, then we are the ones you need to call.

    With our years of experience and expertise, we can fix you garage doors in no time!

    Why Do You Need Professional Garage Door Repair Services?

    Garage doors are extremely heavy – they weigh more than 100 pounds on average.

    And modern garage doors have a lot of parts that work together to lift and lower such heavy doors.

    If not handled properly, you could end up seriously injuring yourself or someone else.

    You could also end up causing serious property damage – which would lead to even higher expenses.

    Garage doors have to be precisely balanced, and the friction between all the moving parts have has to be minimized to ensure that they last longer.

    An incorrectly fixed garage door can cause even more damage that could lead to the necessity of getting the entire door changed.

    This is why garage door repairs should only be handled by trained professionals like us.

    Why Call Us Garage Door Repair Services in Cranberry Township?

    Here are all the reasons why you should call us in case you need your garage doors repaired.

    Certified Technicians

    We employ only garage door repair professionals who are certified and are experts are fixing all kinds of garage doors.

    You could have old garage doors or even the latest overhead doors – it doesn’t matter.

    Our team can take care of them and ensure that they work as good as new.

    Focus on Quality

    We you call us to repair your garage door, we make sure that the job is done perfectly the first time! You will not need to call us again for the same job.

    We also use only the best quality materials and parts so that you will not have to worry about repairs to those parts for years to come.

    This means that you will actually save money in the long run – since you won’t have to get repairs done any time soon.

    Going the Extra Mile

    For us, our job does not end with repair work.

    We also educate you on how to take care of your garage doors.

    This way, you can take simple steps to maintain your garage doors and reduce the risk of damage.

    This way, you can reduce the wear and tear that garage door parts have and end up saving a lot of money in frequent repairs.

    Emergency Repair Services

    If you have a garage door emergency in Cranberry Township and need immediate repair, then call us.

    We will be there as soon as possible and fix your problem for you!

    Focus on Customer Service

    We know how stressed out you are when you call us.

    Therefore, we ensure that we provide our services with a smile.

    We Have Parts for All Types of Garage Door Repairs!

    What this means is that if you need to garage door repaired, you will not have to wait for parts.

    We have a large warehouse where we store the best quality parts.

    Therefore, when you call us, we will come equipped with all the parts that are required to fix any type of damage to your garage doors.

    Focus on Transparency

    We do not believe in surprising our customers with hidden charges or extra repair charges.

    When you call us, we first inspect your garage doors and tell you what exactly is wrong with them.

    Whether it’s overhead door repair work or replacing a part, we will discuss everything with you.

    We will also tell you the cost of repairs once we have done our assessment.

    This way, you know exactly what you’re getting and how much you are going to pay for it.

    As more and more homes in the US are using garage doors, the need for repair services for when it breaks down has also risen.

    When your garage door becomes defective, it causes a lot of problems for the homeowners.

    And oftentimes, these problems branch out to other problems.

    This is why leaving them unattended is never a good decision to make.

    In Cranberry, one of the suburbs of Pittsburgh, there are a lot of repair services you can choose from to cater to your problems but are all of them good enough to entrust your home to?

    If you are looking for a good garage door repair company in Cranberry, then you have come to the right place.

    We are the Garage Door Pitt.

    Who are we?

    Garage Door Pitt is a locally owned garage door company located in multiple areas in Cranberry committed to serving you and your personal garage needs.

    We have been providing satisfactory services to all of our clients alike, may it be residential or commercial.

    And so far, there has not been any complaint about the services that we provide.

    Given that we have a lot of branches around, one being in Cranberry, we can assure you that we can reach you in the shortest possible time.

    Not only that. Our company also offers garage door emergency services 24/7.

    This means that whatever time it is, you can always depend on our services.

    With our group of highly trained and qualified technicians, we will surely get the job done in no time.

    What are the services that we offer?

    Being a garage door repair company, we specialize indeed in the repair of overhead doors in general.

    This being said, it does not mean that we do not cater to installation and maintenance requests.

    We do. But a large number of our clients hire our services for repair related issues and concerns.

    Let us give you a short overview of all the services we offer as a general in our company.

    Installation Services

    As the name suggests, yes we do cater to any garage door installation requests.

    Being a contractor, this is one of the things we can do for you.

    If you have an idea of how you want your garage door to be, what can make it a reality.

    With our connections, we will be able to procure any component and material which may be needed for your garage door.

    In addition to that, we are also more than capable of handling all sorts of garage doors no matter their size or weight.

    You want it, we give it.

    Repair Services

    Next, we have our repair services.

    For our repair services, we cover all sorts of repair requests from our customers as long as, of course, they are related to garage/overhead doors.

    At Garage Door Pitt, we have the best equipment needed to handle all your concerns.

    Pair this up with a group of highly skilled and trained technicians, there is almost nothing we cannot resolve for you.

    If you are from Cranberry, there is no better option for you than our company.

    We are fast, efficient, and always available around the clock.

    To simplify things for you, we have also categorized our repair services into the following subsections:

    If your problem could possibly be any of the above, then we are here for you.

    However, if you think your problem is not categorized above or if you have no idea as to what is causing your garage doors to malfunction, we recommend that you still give us a call.

    As we have previously mentioned, we have already been in this industry for quite a while and we will be able to pinpoint what exactly is wrong and what should be done about it.

    Let us be of help and contact us if you have any problems at all.

    Maintenance Services

    Lastly, we have our maintenance services.

    Garage doors, like any other machines out there, need to be cared for and maintained.

    As a garage door repair company, it is only natural for us to offer maintenance services to all our customers.

    Overhead doors must be regularly maintained at least twice every year.

    This way you can assure that no sudden breakdown will occur in relation to your garage door.

    If you wish to know our rates and schedules, give us a call and we will be more than happy to cater to your needs.

    We focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible and efficiently too.


    Your garage doors are too important to take for granted.

    It is a vital part of your home that offers convenience and an additional layer of security to you and your family.

    As such, we at Garage Door Pitt are more than happy to take good care of them for you.

    For your garage door emergency needs, our doors will always be open. Give us a call. We will definitely not disappoint.

    We will do our best to make your experience with our team a good one.

    Call Us Now for Garage Door Repairs in Cranberry Township

    So, if you ever need your garage door repaired, we are the garage door repair company in Cranberry Township that you should call.

    We ensure that no call goes unanswered.

    We also take pride in the fact that the work we do is among the best in town.

    Garage Door Repair & Maintenance in Cranberry Township FAQ

    The light bulb on my opener keeps burning out

    Usually this is an indication your garage door is shaking causing it to burn out.

    How to choose a good garage door company?

    The best thing to do is ask for references and contact them. Second, look for signs that indicate the company is legitimate and authoritative. A well designed website is usually a good indicator.

    Can only parts of my garage door be replaced or do I need a new one?

    Depending on the nature of the damage your garage door has suffered, it may be possible to replace just a section. One of our experienced technicians can assess your situation and give you a recommendation on the best course of action. Give us a call for more information.

    How much will a new garage door cost?

    There are many variables that go into pricing a garage door, so providing one single answer to this question is pretty much impossible. The width of the door, materials, whether it’s insulated or not, the type of opener mechanism and more will all effect the price. That said, $1,000 to $2,000 could be considered a ballpark figure for an average single-width garage door (installed). Just bear in mind as we said that any of the above listed variables could affect that price. We recommend you contact us for a detailed price quote.

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