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    Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Pittsburgh

    Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Pittsburgh

    DIY, or Do It Yourself is not relatively new.

    People all over the world have been doing this through the use of internet and social media platforms.

    When it comes to the different parts of the house, the garage door gets used practically on a daily basis, which is why regular maintenance of your garage door is necessary to keep them operating properly.

    Proper maintenance can prevent massive damages to your garage doors and keep it in great shape for many years to come.

    It is also important that you exert effort in doing scheduled care and maintenance for long lasting performance.

    Overhead Door Maintenance: A Guide For Every Homeowners

    The garage door is perhaps the part of your home that experiences so much corrosion due to excessive use.

    A standard garage door goes up and down several times over the year.

    When put things in order, maintaining your garage door will guarantee safety and comfort to every homeowner.

    But when you fail to do so, your garage door will become a problem and can cause risk to your loved ones.

    When in doubt, it is still recommended to seek advice from a garage door repair company near you, like the one located in Pittsburgh, Garage Door Pitt is available 24/7!

    Here are the 10 things that every garage door owners should know:

    1 Observe your garage door

    It would be best to check your overhead door while in motion. Are there any loose cables or springs?

    Does it make a disturbing or scraping sound? Listen and look closer to the moving doors.

    2 Secure the hardware

    A working garage door involves upward and downward motion that can loosen up the hardware.

    Ensure that all roller brackets, nuts and bolts are well attached.

    3 Check the balance of your garage door

    The stability of your garage door must be established.

    If your garage door is not well balanced, it may damage the door opener and it won’t last long.

    4 Examine the remote control batteries

    The opening and closing of your garage door can use up the batteries.

    It’s important that you check and replace them if necessary.

    5 Apply lubrication to the nuts and bolts

    Applying grease/oil to the moving parts of your garage door will give lifelong performance.

    It also adds support to the door while it goes up and down. Use silicone-based lubricants and spray it to the garage door’s chains and springs.

    If you don’t have one, you can look for a garage door repair company near you.

    6 Go over the wires and springs

    The wires and springs of your garage door are the parts that operate the most. Check to make sure they are not damaged.

    Don’t forget to conduct safety precautions as high tension wire can be dangerous.

    7 Test the mechanical and security features

    Most garage doors have two security systems: mechanical and photo eye sensor.

    Place a piece of brick or wood below the garage door.

    The door should move up upon reaching the object.

    If it doesn’t, you should change the setting on the system by referring to the manufacturer’s manual guide.

    The second feature should work by placing the same object in the direction of the sensor after closing the door.

    If it stops, your sensor is working properly.

    Otherwise, wipe the sensors with a moist cotton ball and repeat the process.

    8 Remove rust from the door parts

    Metal garage doors get rusty eventually.

    Check for the rusty marks, then clean and varnish them to restore.

    9 Clear the tracks

    Make sure all areas of your garage are well cleaned and free from any debris or objects that may affect the performance of your garage door.

    10 Clean up your garage door

    Garage doors need tidying up once in a while. Use a cleaner that is applicable to your garage door.

    Make sure not to include parts that get easily broken such as your automatic opener.

    For more details on how to do the maintenance yourself, you can check this video.

    Need Assistance? Call Us Now!

    There are instances that a professional care is highly recommended to do the job.

    Garage Door Pitt located in Pittsburgh provides professional and quality service for your garage door.

    We offer door installation, cable repair, springs replacement, maintenance and a lot more!

    Check the details of our rates and services Garage Door Pitt.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Pittsburgh. Besides “Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Pittsburgh”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Pittsburgh.

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