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    Garage Door Jerks When Opening and Closing

    Garage Door Jerks When Closing

    Does Your Garage Door Jerk When Opening and Closing?

    Check out this low-tech solution that might help. If it still jerks, give us a call!

    Many reasons can make your garage door jerks whenever you’re closing or opening it.

    But in most cases, they may be due to broken or malfunctioning components.

    It won’t ever bring you any good to ignore the hints of problems.

    This will only spark off more complications and cause your entire garage door system to shut down.

    While you can always choose to do simple repairs with a few tools, other jobs may not be for a do-it-yourself option as they can be complex, needing the expert’s help.

    As a garage door owner, you typically want to know why your garage door jerks when closing.

    Hence, here are some points you can go over to gain some ideas and knowledge.

    What’s Causing Your Garage Door to Jerk?

    Your garage door contains three main components: the springs, opener, and door.

    The opener has a lift motor that moves the door up and down.

    This device helps your entire garage door system work smoothly.

    The springs provide support and tensions while the door runs on the tracks for closing and opening.

    If your garage door jerks, it can be due to a track problem.

    This component may have incurred damages, dirt, or any debris that is causing it to be bent or off the area where it should be.

    Once your overhead door rollers hit some debris on the tracks, it will result in the jerking of the door.

    Other possible problems can be from the cables or the motor in your garage door opener.

    These parts are typically the ones you must check first to identify the cause of the garage door jerk.

    Here’s to give you tips to spot the problems and solve the issues right away.

    Handling Damages

    If you’re suspecting that the jerking of your garage door is because of a track issue, you may be dealing with crimps or bends.

    You can do the repairs if it’s only minor damage.

    However, if you’re not confident of performing the job and unsure how you can do it the right way, you can always opt to seek assistance from a garage door repair technician.

    When straightening bent tracks, you need the help of a well-trained technician to avoid causing more damage to your overhead door.

    If debris and dirt are present, you can wipe it clean and remove every particle to prevent the door from jerking when you use it.

    Checking Rollers and Hardware

    The rollers of your garage door can worn-out over time and will need a replacement.

    If you notice squeaking sounds while your overhead door is running, the rollers might have been the cause of the jerking.

    When replacing the rollers, you need to get new ones that are compatible with your old hardware.

    You also have to make sure that you’ll do it the right way as it can significantly affect your entire garage door system’s useful life and operation.

    If you’re not capable of doing it, then you can leave the job to the experts.

    It’s difficult to check hardware such as screws and hinges.

    But you need to undertake this task to maintain the good condition of your garage door.

    Loose components won’t be able to hold the track system and panels together, which will make your garage door, jerk during operation.

    It’s important to solve any jerking issues, as it might cause the motors on the garage door opener to burn when left ignored for a long time.

    When to Call Garage Door Repair Professionals?

    Minor repair jobs like adjusting the alignment of sensors or changing remote batteries are tasks you can easily do by yourself.

    However, many other components on your garage door system will need professionals’ hands when it comes to the repairs as they bring potential hazards.

    You can have injuries when performing the repairs or encounter accidents from a poorly maintained garage door.

    One example of this is your garage door springs.

    These components may put your safety at risk as they’re under high tension.

    If you mishandle a broken spring, there’s a possibility that you’ll get hurt and have serious injuries.

    As a garage door owner, you need to know and choose what repairs you can do and let the professionals do the more complex job for your safety.


    Once you notice that your garage door jerks when closing, you should never ignore it.

    Instead, know what’s causing it and get to the bottom of the problem.

    Find out whether it’s a task you can easily fix or a complex one that only the experts can do.

    You can always try to use your knowledge, skills, and available tools for a minor repair job, but remember to seek professional help if it’s risky and requires expertise.

    We at Garage Door Pitt will be more than willing to be of great help when it comes to major overhead door repair jobs in Pittsburgh.

    Our well-rounded and reliable technicians are the experts you need to solve jerking issues or any other garage door problems.

    Feel free to call our local expert team for garage door service anytime!

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Garage Door Jerks When Opening and Closing. Besides “Garage Door Jerks When Opening and Closing”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Pittsburgh.

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