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    Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Winter

    Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Winter

    We could be enjoying a cup of hot tea or chocolate in front of the fire one night when a stinging cold breeze disrupted us from our merry reverie.

    It might be because the radiator is choosing that moment to misbehave, or a gap is welcoming the winter wind into our homes.

    If it is the latter, never skip checking the garage door for any cracks or breaks on it, making our homes vulnerable to unrelenting winter elements.

    We can efficiently prevent a perfect moment from getting interrupted by making sure our Garage doors are well-maintained.

    We have some tips to prepare for this winter.

    See and hear, be extra observant.

    Take a bit of extra time to observe every time the doors are used.

    Ask relevant yes-or-no questions, like does it feel a little jerky when opening and closing?

    Is it hard to open? Are there any scrapping and annoying sounds?

    The first step in troubleshooting is asking questions to narrow down the possible causes of an issue, making it easier to stop it from happening.

    Don’t worry about getting over concerned or paranoid.

    When it comes to garage doors and overhead doors maintenance, thinking ahead helps a lot.

    Regular cleaning is not just a chore.

    With our garage doors exposed to outdoor elements, dirt and grime build up on track and rollers through everyday use.

    Forgetting to clean the garage doors might not be a big deal for now as we enjoy a pleasant spring afternoon, but winter comes, and the garage doors completely break down on us.

    Ensure cleaning the garage doors to avoid dirt and grime build-up and potentially icing in winter.

    Hosing off with water and scrubbing with soap can be menial tasks but will surely go a long way to protect our garage doors.

    Check for cracks and wipe down the weather stripping.

    For garage doors that have weather stripping, it is best to check it for damages.

    Also, we notice that our cars’ wipers stick to the windshield, and for this reason, it is safe to assume that our weather strips can also attach and get frozen to the pavement.

    We might be unable to open the garage doors.

    By forcing it, we risk other damage to the entire mechanism prompting a Garage door emergency fix.

    To stop this from happening, dry the weather stripping and get any cracks fixed as soon as possible.

    Consider getting a replacement, too.

    Tighten loose parts and lubricate the moving ones.

    As magnificent and reliable as these seem, our Garage Overhead Doors are not immune to wear and tear due to everyday use, just like any other household devices and pieces of machinery.

    Make sure to inspect the parts and tighten these periodically.

    If the task seems too complicated or requires better tools, never hesitate to call our local Garage door repair company for help.

    An easier task we can do ourselves is lubricating the moving parts.

    Anything that moves on your door applies a sufficient amount of oil to it.

    Just don’t add too much as more dirt will cling to it.

    Lubricating will prevent these parts from getting too cold and stuck with each other during the winter.

    Inspect with Keen Eyes

    Garage door maintenance is all about proactively identifying possible causes of future issues and knowing the what and how of its mechanisms.

    As homeowners, we should shrewdly inspect it as some avoidable problems arise from parts that we usually don’t observe.

    Inspect the rollers for any chips and cracks to see as these might need replacement, too.

    Test the door balance by disconnecting the opener through the release handle, moving the door halfway up, and if it doesn’t stay in place, call the garage door rebuilding team.

    Checking the cables is something we can do right away, but it requires our trusted Overhead door repair company’s attention.

    Luckily, our Garage door repair in Pittsburgh is accessible, quick to respond, and will gladly entertain our queries.

    Keeping our homes a peaceful haven during the winter is essential and promotes our healthy overall well-being.

    As part of our house safety measures, maintaining our garage doors in excellent condition and equipping it to withstand harsh conditions can optimize its effectiveness.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Winter. Besides “Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Winter”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Pittsburgh.

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