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    High-Tech Garage Door Openers in Pittsburgh

    A modern home pays attention not only to style, aesthetics, and design.

    It also focuses on the importance of security to protect your home and family.

    And with that, many American families, if not all, install durable, robust, and sturdy garage doors to ensure their safety and security.

    And although Pittsburgh is regarded as the second safest city to live in according to in 2019, families and homeowners living must still observe safety precautions.

    Among these is to install a reliable high-tech automatic garage door openers.

    But if you are wondering whether or not a high-tech garage door opener is actually reliable as what others purport it to be, you need to examine and inspect what are its pros and cons.

    So if you live anywhere in Pittsburgh and are considering a garage door repair, upgrade, or installation, here is everything you need to know about high-tech garage door openers.

    High-tech automatic garage doors

    Perhaps the most prominent advantage of an automatic overhead garage door is its convenience.

    For one, it creates less noise compared to the loud, clanky sounds a manual one produces.

    With the use of your remote control, your garage door can easily be opened with just one press of the button.

    Another compelling reason which convinces homeowners to switch to an automatic garage door is its safety features.

    The sensitivity of the photo-eye can detect visible obstructions, and once it does, it will automatically reserve.

    This feature is best, especially if you have pets and toddlers running around the house.

    If you are all for the façade, decor, and the style of your home, a high-tech garage door allows a variety of choices you can choose from.

    Whether it’s rustic, modern, or contemporary, there is always a suitable garage door style for your home.

    However, with all these conveniences and benefits an automatic garage door opener has to offer, it is also a fact that it has cons.

    With these high-tech features and specs, you can only expect that the installation and repair are more expensive than manual ones.

    Since the inner workings of a garage door are highly technical, it requires a professional mechanic’s skills.

    You have to expect to pay for their services.

    This can also take up some time.

    Automatic garage door openers also require a higher degree of maintenance.

    Aside from the tracks and the pulleys installed in the system, you should also keep a close look if your garage door’s electric features are properly working.

    There may also be issues about power outages.

    And when there is no electricity, opening an automatic garage door is far from convenient.

    Traditional, manual garage doors

    Older homes usually have traditional, manual garage doors installed to their homes.

    Some even have refrained from upgrading to a high-tech automatic garage door.

    That is because there are still advantages found in keeping a manual garage door.

    So long as it is done with proper care and maintenance, you can expect your manual garage door to be still reliable.

    An annual inspection and maintenance can keep your garage door in optimum shape and condition.

    People opt to stay with their manual garage doors because they are easy to use.

    The remote-controlled garage doors can be a little bit intimidating, especially to those who are not that tech-savvy.

    As to repair, manual garage door repairs are relatively and comparatively cheaper than that of an automatic one.

    Since it is made with sturdy and robust materials, you can also rely on your garage door’s long lifetime.

    But manual garage doors also have their fair share of cons. It’s also quite a hassle maintaining a manual garage door during extreme weather.

    On rainy days, a manual garage door is unlikely to prevent water from getting inside your garage.

    The lack of safety features may also be a concern for manual garage doors.

    Unlike the automatic photo-eye censors of an automatic overhead garage door, a manual garage door does not detect any obstruction that would signal the door to autoreverse.

    With that, a manual garage door may not be the smartest choice when you have kids, pets, and older people living in your home.

    If you are looking to install an automatic garage door and live in Pittsburgh, many reputable garage door companies can attend to your concerns.

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