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    How To Properly Measure For A New Garage Door

    Buying a new garage door or garage door reconstruction is one thing you can do to update your home.

    In our company in Pittsburgh, we are offering affordable yet durable garage door products and services.

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    Installing a garage door requires the assistance of garage door experts, especially in challenging tasks.

    But in measuring it, you can do it alone, especially if you have the tools.

    Here are some things you should know about installing a new garage door.

    The tools you will need and the ones you need to do to get the right-sized garage door.

    Materials required

    When measuring a garage door, you will need some necessary materials that are sure to be found in your home.

    Make sure that you will only use correct tools to avoid such injuries and accidents. And also, make sure you know how to use them.

    Tape measure

    If you are going to measure something, of course, you need a tool for measuring.

    Prepare a tape measure with the correct length to measure a garage door.


    Most garage doors are high, so also prepare a small step-ladder so that you can reach everything and measure the garage door correctly.

    A pen and paper

    When measuring, you also need a pen and paper or anything else to write the measurements you get.

    When all of the materials are already prepared, you can now follow these steps to measure the garage door.

    Be careful upon measurements; you might get wrong information.

    How to Measure a Garage Door: Step-By-Step Procedures

    Step 1: First, measure the distance between the right and left sides of the door opening.

    Be sure to measure the width of the space at its widest point. You can measure it from the center of the garage door.

    The standard size of the garage door opening should be 5.08 cm by 15.24 cm.

    Step 2: Second, after you get the floor of the garage door opening, the next thing you will measure is its length.

    Measure the measurement between the bottom and top of the opening.

    Ensure you get the right height of the door opening at this highest point, considering some irregularities such as an un-level floor.

    Step 3: Third, for the installation of the vertical track, you need to measure the areas next to garage door openings.

    Up to 12.7cm is required on each side of it. If your garage door to be installed is 2-door, the middle’s required size is a minimum of 25.4 cm.

    Step 4: In the fourth step, you will get the total size of your garage door.

    You will need a ladder to measure the garage door headroom.

    Start measuring from the ceiling to the door opening.

    You can have a hard time here, so we advise you to seek help from other people around you.

    Step 5: The final step is quite critical because you will measure the garage door’s backroom.

    The required measurement for the backroom and the height of the garage door has an additional 45.72cm.

    For the electric opener, the required dimensions are the garage door’s height and the extra 10.16 cm.

    Things need to observe while measuring

    1. For door opener use, you need to find out the appropriate electrical outlet for this.

    2. Remember the lights or any stairs on the way to the garage door. It is okay if you write it down, so you don’t forget.

    3. Find the jambs and headers and inspect them to see if they are in proper condition and stable.

    4. Also note pipes, ductwork, etc. which may interfere with the garage door’s operation.

    5. Compare the old garage door with the newly installed garage door. See if it has any similarities.

    Is it safe to install a garage door itself?

    Do not try to install a garage door with yourself.

    Doing it yourself may cause you harm.

    You can only perform measuring and note taking.

    The installation of a garage door can only be done by a professional.

    For more information

    If it happens that you need a garage door reconstruction, do not do it yourself.

    Instead, contact a garage door expert to help you. No worries!

    In our company in Pittsburgh, we will help you to meet your garage door needs with respecting your tastes and budget.

    To learn more about us, do send us a message.

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