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    Increasing Garage Door Opener Reception

    Increasing Garage Door Opener Reception

    Increasing Garage Door Opener Reception – Signal strength is greatly affected by antenna position, wireless interference, and radiofrequency.

    A common problem we might encounter is poor garage door opener reception.

    After several times of pressing the remote control, we end up walking closer to the doors, defeating the purpose of using a remote control.

    A low signal range can be a frustrating ordeal and something we need to deal with eventually.

    Of course, it might also require us to contact our local garage door experts if we don’t know what we’re dealing with.

    What can we do to increase the garage door opener reception and avoid unnecessary calls for a Garage door emergency fix?

    Knowledge is power, or in this case, reception

    Generally, remote controls should work from a minimum of four to five-car lengths away.

    It means that we can technically open the garage door as we are pulling into our driveway.

    It is the average distance that ensures both effectiveness and safety.

    With FCC regulations and the limited frequencies that the manufacturers can utilize, it is the best design we can ask for remote control.

    We should also know that our garage door’s receiver can only accept one reception at a time.

    An electronic device that is emitting a same-frequency signal near the garage might cause interference.

    Dead batteries? Replace it, then!

    We usually don’t remember the last time we changed the batteries in our remote controls.

    For this reason, changing it is the first step in increasing the garage opener reception.

    As a cheap and quick option, changing the batteries can also help us avoid unnecessary calls to the local Garage door repair shop.

    Keep in mind that as batteries get old, it can lessen the signal strength and damage the remote control’s metal parts.

    Even if the remote control is new or the battery has just been replaced, we should still go through this fundamental step as batteries sit in warehouses or shops for a long time and possibly be dead upon purchase.

    It’s time for an upgrade

    With time and daily use, replacing the batteries in our remote controls may not be enough to get it to work as before.

    At times, getting a new remote control altogether is the better option.

    Decade-long remote controls held together by an electrical tape tend to have worn-out buttons and metal contacts in the battery holder.

    Consider upgrading remote control to newer models that can be programmed to all major brands and compatible with different frequencies.

    Search for sources of wireless interference

    Wireless interference happens because of the electrical components in our household devices.

    The most common culprits in wireless interference are deep freezers, LED or fluorescent lighting from untrusted brands, surge protectors, TV cables, amplifiers, and battery chargers.

    Devices that have timers like alarms, lights, and sprinkler systems are possible culprits, too.

    If you notice the garage door opener reception spontaneously or intermittently weakening after adding a new electronic device in your garage, that is most likely the cause of interference.

    It is also worth investing in more modern systems with dual, even tri-band frequency, so our remote controls can choose the best signal to use.

    Move the antenna away

    Once you’ve identified what’s causing the wireless interference but removing the cause isn’t an option, we can opt for relocating the antenna instead.

    There are specific steps to follow in relocating the antenna, and as long as we’re cautious, we should enjoy a better reception after.

    Get an antenna extension

    Most garage overhead doors have an antenna just under the operator casing where it is in a clear path to communicate with the remote.

    It comes in black, green, gray, purple, or red color and ten inches in length.

    It should be enough to receive the signal but can also be easily upgraded.

    We can choose two from the various extension kits from the 86LM or 86LMT, including only the L-shaped bracket with coaxial connection and cable.

    If you cannot select a specific brand or model, call our friendly Garage Overhead Door Repair company for suggestions.

    If push comes to shove, but our garage doors won‘t budge unless we stick our noses to it, call your Garage door repair company.

    Ask the professionals and get your garage door repair in Pittsburgh, New York, San Antonio, or anywhere in our homeland.


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