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    Insulated Garage Door – What Is It All About?

    Insulated Garage Door

    Let’s talk about Insulated Garage Door – The garage door is one of the primary entrances to a house.

    For homeowners, this is usually the most massive entrance to your home’s exterior.

    The garage is said to be one of the factors that affect a house’s energy efficiency because it often experiences heat loss.

    According to garage door rebuilding experts, all parts of your garage should be insulated, such as the ceiling, garage door, garage window, and the walls.

    Your garage needs to be adequately insulated as it helps to protect the equipment and vehicles in the garage from the weather and temperature.

    With the help of insulation, the garage avoids heat loss, which can cause your electricity bill to go up.

    In addition, there are many other benefits you can experience, such as the strength and durability of your garage.

    Benefits of insulated garage door

    Insulation prevents excess hot air

    Insulating your garage door helps to prevent the heat from entering the garage during winter.

    This insulation helps because you do not need heat to warm your house during cold weather.

    On the other hand, whenever the weather is hot, the insulated garage door prevents excess hot air from entering the garage.

    In other words, the garage door is extremely beneficial in any climate or season.

    It is reliable at all times and helps in creating comfort when using the garage.

    The insulated garage door has an added durability

    Compared to older garage doors, insulated garage doors are more durable.

    Most used garage doors today are made of steel or aluminum frames.

    Insulated garage doors made of lightweight materials are less likely to dent compared to uninsulated older garage doors made of thin steel sheets.

    Older uninsulated garage doors can easily be rented by vehicles and items stored in the garage.

    Insulated doors are less likely to be damaged.

    An insulated garage door tends to be quieter

    Although noise dampening is not essential for homeowners, it is also a great garage door feature.

    Most older garage doors produce noise probably due to inadequately lubricated hinges or springs, or damaged rollers.

    On the other hand, the insulated garage door does not create much noise because it is usually made of tightly rolled material layers.

    There are not too many loose materials that can cause noise.

    Two types of garage insulation


    Based on garage door experts, garage doors insulated with polystyrene only produce quiet sounds because they are used in 3-layer construction.

    Polystyrene is high-quality insulation that looks like a styrofoam cooler.


    According to a garage door company, polyurethane is Superior insulation because even if it is used only in a 2-layer construction, it will not be defeated by the insulation used in 3-layer construction.

    This insulation occupies the entire panel and reinforces the garage door.

    It reduces air leakage by up to 83% and reduces energy consumption by up to 40%.

    What is R-Value?

    Due to the severe weather we often experience, many manufacturers use a rating system that determines how many insulations a garage door can provide.

    This rating system is called R-value.

    The term R-value is often heard in the construction industry.

    This rating system is the most commonly used measure of the effectiveness of insulation.

    When the r-value is higher, it means less heat transmission; when it comes to the garage door’s R-value, the higher, the better.

    Manufacturers use different methods, so the R-value of the garage door may change.

    If you are buying a new insulated garage door, do not just focus on its R-value because you should consider many more factors.

    Choosing an energy-efficient garage door

    Apart from the R-value of a garage door, many other factors will affect how energy efficient a garage door is.

    Which materials and how they are made is one of the crucial things to consider.

    Any materials created by a garage door can be insulated.

    Today, most of the beautiful garage doors are made of steel, aluminum, wood, and composite wood.

    When choosing an energy-efficient garage door, choose a double or triple layer door.

    Need more help?

    A new garage door, a garage door renovation, is one of the valuable things you can make to update your house.

    If you are around the Pittsburgh area, you can send us a message, and we will give you high-quality services that will satisfy you yet save you money.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Insulated Garage Door – What Is It All About?. Besides “Insulated Garage Door – What Is It All About?”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Pitt Pittsburgh.

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