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    Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors

    Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors

    Maintenance for your warehouse roll-up doors is often ignored.

    Note that you should conduct maintenance regularly to keep the door in good condition.

    Neglected garage doors can lead to issues in your warehouse operations.

    If you don’t want this to happen, read this guide to know more about maintaining warehouse roll-up doors.

    Tips on Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors

    Depending on the conditions where your warehouse roll-up door operates, its usage, age, and lifespan, maintenance frequency may vary.

    Some cases may require you to maintain them from monthly to yearly.

    If you’re not sure, you can always discuss this matter with a commercial garage door repair in Pittsburgh.

    Moreover, wear personal protective equipment before you do the work.

    Also, make sure that the maintenance is done outside regular hours to prevent disrupting warehouse operations.

    Warehouse roll-up doors are huge and intensive to work with. Hence, it’s best to follow safety measures.

    Moreover, these are some tips on maintaining warehouse roll-up doors:

    Observe the behavior of your roll-up door:

    Make sure the roll-up door is working correctly. Also, inspect the parts for wear, tear, and damage.

    If you begin to notice that your door won’t move or is creating a loud noise, ask help from a professional.

    They will inspect the root cause of the problem and fix your garage door.

    Test the balance:

    If the door is not balanced, it will cause issues on the parts of your overhead door, including the opener, springs, tracks, and rollers.

    As a result, they will work harder, which won’t make them last longer.

    To test the overhead door’s balance, manually open the door by pulling the emergency release cord.

    Open the door until it’s halfway up. Use a level to check the door’s balance.

    However, if it’s not, and the door sags in an open position, there might be damage to the springs and tracks.

    Leave the job an emergency garage door service for a garage door springs replacement, track adjustment, or opener repair.

    Test the Auto-Reverse Feature:

    If your warehouse roll-up door is an automated one, test the auto-reverse feature if it’s working.

    To test, place an object on the ground between the two sensors.

    Then, close the door. Once the door touches the board, it should reverse back to the open position.

    However, if it continues to close, you need to check the issue with a technician.

    Most likely, the sensors need adjustment or replacement.

    Secure the hardware in place:

    If screws, bolts, nuts, and hinges loosen up, you need to tighten them with an open wrench.

    Hardware parts are exposed to movement several times in a year.

    No doubt that the hardware starts to lose, which can cause a noisy operation or a stuck door.

    Lubricate the parts:

    Parts such as rollers, springs, cables, pulley, and hinges should be lubricated often to prevent friction between the parts.

    If there’s friction on a component, let’s say a spring, it will wear out eventually, which causes the door to fail.

    Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the rusty parts sparingly.

    Replace Weatherstripping:

    Overhead doors should prevent any external elements from entering inside your warehouse.

    If you start the issues starting to occur with your warehouse, such as water leaks, inspect the weather seal.

    Replace it if it has cracks. You can watch the procedure here.

    Paint and Clean the Door:

    Lastly, never neglect your warehouse roll-up door panel.

    Especially if it is made of steel, look for rust. Finally, sand, prime and paint to cover them up.

    For a fiberglass roll-up door, clean it with an all-purpose product.

    For wood roll-up door, check for warps, water damage, chipped paints, and sand and repaint those areas to cover it up.

    However, if you’re not quite sure how to maintain the door panel, you can ask help from a professional for advice.

    Need Professional Help?

    Maintaining overhead doors is the best way to keep the movement going smoothly.

    You can also spot the issues early with maintenance to address the problems right away.

    Not only will it save you from cost, but also it will protect you from downtime.

    However, if you’re not quite sure about maintaining warehouse roll-up doors, you can always ask for help from Garage Door Pitt.

    We have a team in Pittsburgh to cater to your needs around the clock.

    Call us, and we’ll assist you right away!

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors. Besides “Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Pittsburgh.

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