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    What is a Smart Garage Door?

    What is a Smart Garage Door

    What is a Smart Garage Door – In 1926, the electric overhead doors were invented.

    Four years later, the wireless garage door openers were introduced in 1930.

    After more than 90 years later, new innovative solutions for these devices were introduced in the advent of smart technology.

    Today, smart garage door openers are mostly preferred by most homeowners.

    Understanding Smart Garage Door Opener Technology

    Smart garage door openers basically work the same as the traditional garage door opener.

    Only, the ‘smart’ versions have the ability to wireless connect to a WiFi network.

    This allows you to remotely control and monitor your garage door via an app on your smartphone.

    Since these devices are generally considered as home automation services, it’s safe to conclude that these smart garage door openers are considered security devices as well.

    These devices, in fact, fit into the bigger picture of automating your house while keeping sure that your garage is not a point of entry for criminals and burglars.

    Benefits and Features of Smart Garage Doors

    One of the best benefits of smart garage doors is that you can check your door if it’s open or not.

    This is very helpful especially during those times when you cannot remember whether you have closed your garage or not.

    There is an app that notifies you (in real-time), telling you if the garage door is closed or not.

    Plus, when suspicious activities are happening, you will be alerted immediately.

    Most smart garage doors apps also allow you to view an event history.

    Meaning, you can check the logs when the doors were opened and closed.

    You can also link your smart garage openers to your home’s existing automation system.

    Although this will depend on your smart home setup, you can make a system that immediately deploys your home security camera to snap photos, start recording or make your smart assistant notify your local police once your door suspiciously opens at an odd time.

    Your overhead doors and smart garage door openers can also connect to today’s voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

    That way, you can conveniently control your doors and check its status with basic voice commands.

    However, you have to double-check that the smart opener you intend to buy is compatible with your current voice assistant.

    And then, there’s the convenience of controlling your garage door from your smartphone.

    You can simply use your phone to close and open your garage door even if you are miles away.

    Smart Garage Door Openers: The Types

    There are generally two types of smart garage door openers: the add-on devices and the full systems.

    The add-on devices, as its name implies, are devices that you simply add to your existing garage door opener

    so that it can take advantage of the many features of smart technology.

    It comes in a form of a hub or controller that you just connect to your already-running system.

    The full system devices, on the other hand, comes with the whole package:

    the drive mechanism, the motor, and all those needed hardware and mounting devices.

    So which type should you get?

    If you already have the door opener but needs a garage door renovation, then it’s best to go for the full system.

    Since you will be getting a brand new system, expect to have a unit with the latest features and a quieter type of a smart garage door system.

    One the other hand, if the garage door opener is relatively new and you don’t plan on spending extra money for a full system, just go for the add-on device.

    This option comes with a reasonable price tag and you don’t need a professional installer to make it work.

    Nevertheless, both these smart garage door systems are very easy to add to your present home automation system.

    Just make sure to double-check before purchasing and verify that the system you plan to purchase is compatible with the platform you currently have.

    For the past years, home technology has greatly improved.

    Garage door openers today give you the ability to control and monitor your garage door even if you are thousands of miles away.

    For all your garage door needs: installation, maintenance, repair, and services, we are here for you.

    We are a garage door repair in Pittsburgh company that has the right tools and the best people for the job.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled What is a Smart Garage Door?. Besides “What is a Smart Garage Door?”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Pitt Pittsburgh.

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