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    How To Open A Garage Door If There Is A Power Shortage

    How To Open A Garage Door If There Is A Power Shortage – If you live in Pittsburgh, there will be days when unexpected phenomena or circumstances may suddenly cut your electricity supply.

    This scenario is a hassle and can be a problem that needs solving, especially if there is an emergency that is taking place.

    When you need to go outside, but you cannot move your car out from your garage, it will be a problem.

    As a garage door repair company, we are always keen on informing you of what you should do in garage door emergency cases.

    It is a fact that every smart garage door installed has emergency kits if there is no electricity available.

    You may indeed worry or panic, but stay calm because we are about to discuss the things you should do to open a garage door in case of a power shortage.

    Here in Pittsburgh, you may contact our garage door repair company for services involving garage door repair or overhead doors repair.

    We are open to assist you, with or without power.

    Opening The Garage Door, Unlocking and Unplugging

    If you are inside the garage and want to open it to get your car out, you may need to read carefully on the following instructions on making your garage doors or overhead doors work manually.

    We would do the first thing to unlock the door and unlock all the locks you can find.

    This step is essential, so you will not have a problem opening the garage door manually.

    For safety purposes, you will have to unplug the garage door opener from the electricity supply.

    Pulling and Moving Manually

    The next thing to do is pull as gently as you can, the garage door emergency release cord. It is usually the rope seen from your garage door.

    This cord works through disconnecting the garage door and the carriage from the trolly.

    This step allows you to freely move the garage door manually to positions such as open and close.

    After this, try your best, with all your might, lift the garage door.

    With all your force, pull straight up, coming from the bottom.

    Make sure your garage door reached its maximum range and that it stays in place before backing out.

    Once done, you can exit the garage door driving your car away.

    Bear in mind that once you are outside the garage, lock the door manually.

    Electrically Opening The Door Again

    If the electricity is back, and you want to return its operation to non-manual, make sure that your door is completely shut.

    If so, pull the garage door emergency cord towards the door.

    You should hear the switch click when it re-engages.

    In reconnecting the trolley, you should move the opener in up and down directions.

    When you hear a click, and this signals that the garage door is ready to be rerun with electricity.

    Lastly, plug the garage door opener back in for the power supply to flow, and make sure it’s working smoothly.

    Try to open it with your remote too.

    Things To Remember

    Take note that your garage door opener must be in the down position.

    Do not dare to liberate if the door is still in the open position.

    We are highly not recommending you for this is dangerous and could harm you.

    If it does not work correctly, contact our garage door repair company based here in Pittsburgh, we can immediately fix your garage door.

    If you cannot lift your garage door, no matter how much effort and strength you exert, do not hesitate to give us a call.

    It is possible that the cause of this is a broken spring, and might need a garage door repair or overhead door repair.

    A broken spring will not make your garage door work, even operated manually.

    That is why our garage door repair company is here to give a solution to that problem and various garage door repair services, including installing a new garage door or overhead doors.

    If you are here in Pittsburgh, garage door repair services are all over the place, but we highly recommend our garage door repair company, and we will deliver you a remarkable result.

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