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    How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable

    How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable

    Houses and commercial spaces rely on garage doors to keep their valuables safe.

    In Pittsburgh, the importance of having a well-functioning overhead door is a must.

    A garage door helps in keeping all assets safe and secure.

    Thus, having a fully-functioning garage door system will save you from any troubles.

    Overhead doors with springs have safety cables on both sides.

    Cables help in resisting tension forces experienced by the springs.

    Also, safety cables assist the broken springs from pulling apart.

    Moreover, a garage door is subject to different kinds of cables.

    Each kind has a corresponding role in the system.

    Having a broken or damaged cable is dangerous.

    Accidents and risky situations might occur.

    If you experience a problem involving the cables, immediate repair is necessary.

    For simpler cable issues, DIY repair procedures might help you.

    Yet, if the problem is beyond your capabilities, it is ideal to contact a garage door repair company near you.

    In Pittsburgh, Garage Door Pitt services are available within the city.

    Signs of a Broken Overhead Door Cable

    Having a damaged garage door cable is stressful. Possible risks to life and property is inevitable.

    It is necessary to know what the signs are if your cables are malfunctioning.

    Visual Check

    Visual checking on the garage door cables is a simple tip to assess the condition of your cables.

    Cables that are dent, disfigured and rusty need immediate action.

    Wear and tear are the reasons why the cable loses its function.

    Malfunctioning Overhead Door

    Garage doors stop working when there is a problem on its system.

    Your cables might be one creating the trouble.

    A broken or damaged cable can cause the delay in its function.

    Uneven Placement

    Overtime, safety cables lose their hold. A worn-out cable can cause uneven placement when opening or closing.

    If your garage door slants on one side, it means that your cables are acting up.

    Speedy movement

    Cables make the overhead door function well.

    If your doors move fast, then the cables are not in their best condition.

    Torsion and extension spring cables are heavy-duty parts of a functioning overhead door.

    A gradual change on its strength and capabilities is risky.

    Moreover, exposure to different weather conditions can cause cable issues.

    If you know the above-mentioned signs, then your immediate action will save you a few bucks.

    If your garage door is acting, you might need a garage door cable repair.

    Garage Door Pitt offers emergency garage door service that is ideal to your needs.

    Garage Door Cable Repair Procedure

    ‘How to repair a broken garage door cable?’ is a question by most homeowners.

    If you are having a cable problem, then you need to know the following repair steps.

    1. Release or cut the tension experienced by the cable
    2. Turn-off the door opener and open your garage door.
    3. Ensure that the door remains open by placing C-clamps on both sides.
    4. Unbolt the springs and remove the broken cable.
    5. Install a new cable or drum and fasten the springs back.
    6. Remove the C-clamps and close your garage door.
    7. Test your overhead door by opening and closing it several times.

    It is necessary to keep your garage door open during the repair.

    Also, make sure to release or cut the tension from the cables.

    Failure to follow the first three steps imposes danger.

    To help you visualize the process, you can watch this video and follow the repair tips shown.

    DIY and Expert Repair

    Garage door cable repair is one of the easiest tasks that you can do. Most people rely on their confidence in doing so.

    If you love DIYs, then you can do the repair yourself by following the right procedure.

    If you are uneasy, contacting a garage door repair company near you can solve the issue.

    Garage door cable repair can become handy if not checked.

    Seeking help from an expert will ensure that all accessory functions well.

    Of course, a fast repair and installation is essential.

    Why is it important to repair a garage door cable?

    What is a garage door cable for? Does it need immediate attention?

    As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep everything on track.

    Thus, cables help the springs in resisting the tension forces experienced by the door.

    It is necessary to mind the amount of garage door opening cycles.

    If your safety cable loses its grip, possible hazards might happen.

    Exceeding the amount of opening cycles can be risky.

    Garage door cables exist to keep the springs from snapping.

    If the springs snap, it slips to the cable and keeps everything safe.

    Cables act as a safeguard during spring issues.

    So, keeping it checked at all times will save you a few dollars.

    A garage door cable repair and inspection can keep you from danger.

    Ensuring that every garage door part is functioning well is vital.

    This is why it is important to repair an overhead door cable.

    Where to go during garage door cable issues?

    Now, you can do the repair with confidence.

    Knowing how to repair a broken garage door cable will help you do the task yourself.

    But, without proper knowledge and expertise might cause some problems.

    Fixing a broken garage door cable can cause risks to the person doing the repair.

    To ensure that everything is safe and functioning, it is best to contact an expert.

    At Garage Door Pitt, you can ensure that repairs are fast, reliable and trustworthy.

    Repair staff and technicians are knowledgeable and equipped with years of experience.

    Avoid wasting your time and effort by doing the repair yourself.

    Also, avoid imposing danger to yourselves.

    For any garage door cable issue, don’t hesitate to call Garage Door Pitt.

    If you live within the city of Pittsburgh, Garage Door Pitt’s 24 7 garage door repair services are yours to enjoy.

    Sit back, relax and experience the services of Garage Door Pitt.

    For more information, you can visit Garage Door Repair Pitt.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable. Besides “How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Pitt | Garage Door Repair Near Me | Pittsburgh.

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